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Video: Insane Taekwondo stunts in 4K Slow Motion

VIDEO: Insane Taekwondo stunts in 4K Slow Motion
03/13/2019 12:09 52.7K 600 1.6M

Insane Taekwondo stunts in 4K Slow Motion

Gav and Dan travel to South Korea to film the Kukkiwon Taekwondo Team’s amazing high flying martial arts combined with gymnastic feats in slow motion. Team members can launch themselves 30 feet into the air smashing wooden boards on their way down. Their spectacular flying, flipping, spinning, twisting, gravity-defying theatrics, showcasing the board smashing is a thrilling spectacle in slow mo.


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Comments (3,036)
  • APJ TV
    APJ TV

    What an incredible feat! (i'm not sorry)

  • David

    That roar @ 4:44 ...

  • David

    humans, the animal <3 such potential, yet so stupid (mob of the mass)

  • Diced Up
    Diced Up

    So this is what Q from impractical jokers has been up to? Lol

  • Khaleel Rahman
    Khaleel Rahman

    Chilly looks just like Dan I wonder if they are related

  • JaakIsOP

    I do taekwondo I also am a small channel trying to grow

  • Henry Rahardja
    Henry Rahardja

    that awesome woman walk in the air while kicking 3 wooden boards but less famous than scantly clad women dancing and singing in autotune. Same with the awesome gentlemen on this amazing Kukkiwon Taekwondo Team.

  • Sharp Chedder
    Sharp Chedder

    I shouldn't have quit taekwondo when i was a kid lol.

  • Bill Granddaddy
    Bill Granddaddy

    Then the guy nailed the landing in the center of the mat!

  • Photelegy

    9:13 Did he really miss the last one? ... says someone who can't even make it with one 😂