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Video: Jason Terry: Zion Williamson's upside could be compared to LeBron James | NBA | UNDISPUTED

VIDEO: Jason Terry: Zion Williamson's upside could be compared to LeBron James | NBA | UNDISPUTED
11/08/2018 09:25 5K 206 628.2K

Jason Terry joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk NCAA basketball. Hear why he thinks Duke's Zion Williamson's upside and projection could be that of LeBron James.

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Jason Terry: Zion Williamson's upside could be compared to LeBron James | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Comments (1,197)
  • Bear 7
    Bear 7

    Hard one. I think he will be SPECIAL!! Zion is too humble. Unless the higher ups give em an ultimatum that changes his mind which I hope won’t happen. I hope he stays that humble dude that just loves to play and compete at a game he loves. Money will come yes, but I hope that it won’t change his demeanor. Zion is coming!!!! Stay healthy ma friend!!

  • AP Terminator
    AP Terminator

    Zion will be better then lebron he has a micheal jordan like motor and is very competitive something lebron never had. Mark these word Zion will be second to Jordan with a chance to do greater things

  • Derrick

    +shawn taylor that should scary you my friend

  • Neil Ft
    Neil Ft

    +Lorri DeBolt Yea maybe but he may never be as great........slow your roll Barkley was a beast

  • Lorri DeBolt
    Lorri DeBolt

    too fundamental. LeBron/ Tim Duncan/ Ben Wallace

  • Lorri DeBolt
    Lorri DeBolt

    a suped up Charles Barkley?!this kid would jump clean over sir Charles. sorry

  • Lorri DeBolt
    Lorri DeBolt

    u have to understand the total package when you see it.u can tell when you see him play he has more levels to his game yet to come

  • SuperAlfaDogg

    Possibly. And I do believe that he will be capable of dealing with the press and media very capably, answering totally stupid questions (like...what does this victory mean to your team?). Totally stupid questions that LBJ has the patience to answer without losing his cool.

  • Theo G
    Theo G

    +Skip 2 My Lou he didn't dominate no lebron u must becrazy

  • Allan Ong
    Allan Ong

    Will be a good player for a few years then retire early

  • Idan Solon
    Idan Solon

    More like Blake griffin 10.0 but with a handle, more quickness, court vision, a quick release, and a better off the ball defender.

  • Jeremiah C
    Jeremiah C

    Lebron isn't a Mount Rushmore player. Wilt Chamberlain Bill Russell Michael Jordan Magic Johnson honorable mention is Steph Curry

  • Bud Montana
    Bud Montana

    Everyone calling Zion overrated. He has a higher ceiling than any player since Lebron. He may not live up to the hype but he could equally become the next megastar of the NBA and join the goat conversation. One thing he isn't is overrated. He's one of the best basketball prospects of all time.

  • Denis Shillingford
    Denis Shillingford

    There are guys in the NBA still faster and bigger than Williams. They will try to expose weaknesses in his game and break him. He's going to have to up his game regardless

  • M C
    M C

    Zion is a great player. But no. I remember LeBron when he was in Hs and his first game in the nba. He was WAY better than Zion. Zion has a suspect handle. And that’s an issue for his size. LeBron came into leagues ready and went off his first year. Short term memory sucks lol

  • Samuel Bell
    Samuel Bell

    Man wtf is uncle Shay Shay talking about. He reaching fr 😂😂

  • Bee Wade
    Bee Wade

    See these FOOLS are really crazy this kid is (GIFTED) listin get ready to pass that torch zion is a coming .... on one hand they prasin the kid with skillz then they say no he ain't Laqueen no he ain't like laqueen he better bigger, quicker he don't have to get a running start to get to the hole thia kid is a beast wait to he get to the N.B.A they ain't gone know what to do with !!!!

  • Business Partners
    Business Partners

    Zion's body control and hangtime and aerial game is miles above LBJ - LBJ's lack of body control is horrific. Zion is closer to MJ here in the air - every shot is creative and double pumped - never seen anything like it since MJ. Shawn Kemp's body control, hang time and height has nothing in common with Zion. Shannon sure is dumb.

  • AP Terminator
    AP Terminator

    Lebron got killed by a bench player something that never happen to kobe or Jordan not even close and in the NBA finals at that

  • Detroit 4life
    Detroit 4life

    I do think he's up there with LeBron at this point. Zion and Lebron as a rookie is about on the same level. You cant compared him to the LeBron today.

  • eric kneip
    eric kneip

    You guys are retards.. Zion is Russell Westbrook on steroids plus HGH..

  • T Johnson
    T Johnson

    1st of all Shannon, Mt Rush The Moors should be destroyed. Blown up, and A new one built with Aboriginals and some native Americans on it. Stop saying the name Mt Rushmore, its Insulting

  • Brett Butler
    Brett Butler

    In the social media aspect I’d say Zion is great. Lebron is a lofty comparison. I would compare him to Charles Barkley and Shawn kemp. His body type compares to Charles, but it is 60 percent Charles and 40 kemp. That’s an honest opinion

  • D K
    D K

    Shannon is an idiot, you actually can be shorter in today’s nba with the way the game is played. Back in 90s you had to be taller , Barkley was an anomaly in a league where power forwards were 6’9” or taller. Guys like antawn Jamison were tweeners back then, today they easily can play forward (there are only point guards wings and a center today. Shooting guard, Small forwards and power forwards are just wings now so it doesn’t matter how tall he is)

  • Chet Duke
    Chet Duke

    Skip drinks so much LeBron haterade

  • Chris Carey
    Chris Carey

    lol Terry is actually pretty funny. I enjoyed their improv at the end

  • Freddy Garcia
    Freddy Garcia

    ZION already is better then Kobe and LeBron hands down. He might push The Jordan bar. No doubt. LeBron James, didn't live up to the hype you guys are wrong!!!!! He was supposed to make me forget about Jordan. lol watching ZION almost!!!

  • Craig Williamson
    Craig Williamson

    Shannon, it’s WILLIAMSON NOT WILLIAMS. As someone who has the same last name, it’s annoying. We should call you Shannon Shar