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Video: Jennifer Lopez & Bad Bunny - Te Guste (Official Teaser)

VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez & Bad Bunny - Te Guste (Official Teaser)
11/07/2018 00:23 39.4K 4.3K 1.6M
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  • Audrey Davenport
    Audrey Davenport

    Bad Bunny🐇, I love 💞 your voice. It flow's⛵️ through my body like a river, and it's sweet like honey🍯.Ihay diios mio

  • aza afez
    aza afez

    واوووو رهيبه جنيفر

  • Josefa Muñoz
    Josefa Muñoz

    Tía guarra está!!! Basura lo que gañitan ,tirarlo a la cloaca a las s dos

  • Nathen Baker
    Nathen Baker

    You can tell Governor of Indian Affairs that I have been writing hits in music for a lot of Music Artist. I at least want some fame and fortune for it.

  • Jorge Castro
    Jorge Castro

    Ridícula! Música asquerosa y vieja RIDÍCULA.