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Video: Joe Rogan on the Disneyland Fight Video

VIDEO: Joe Rogan on the Disneyland Fight Video
07/10/2019 02:21 13.6K 3.2K 1.6M
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  • Jake Stewart
    Jake Stewart

    Honestly if I take off my shirt, it’s because I like that shirt and I don’t want a dumbass to fuck it up

  • Mark Thompson
    Mark Thompson

    Wrong on every level. The hapless security were the worst.

  • Jesse Cab
    Jesse Cab

    I’ve seen at least four fights at Disneyland, this is not shocking at all. The day my five year old told me that he was sick of Disneyland was the proudest day as a father yet 😂😂 That place is for broke people who have to finance an annual pass and pay monthly fees just to look like a bunch of fucking idiots with Mickey Mouse ears while they have no kids. Grow the fuck up

  • Mo Bzai
    Mo Bzai

    Joe Rogan is such a douchebag

  • Cole J
    Cole J

    "Terrible technique" he says. They're not fighting for a belt, Joe.

  • Lux Mundi
    Lux Mundi

    Rogan always critiquing the fighting style.

  • Steve Breen
    Steve Breen

    When did Disney do another sequel to "Planet of the Apes?"

  • Mommy E
    Mommy E

    Joe "Terrible Technique" Rogan. 😂😂

  • Athena C
    Athena C

    They black. No surprise at that behaviour.

  • The Rock
    The Rock

    Right away he brings up technique shut up joe😓🤦‍♂️


    I'm just here looking at what this SHILL has to say about the NIGGAS Fighting at Disneyland. Who is that UGLY COON with the Crazy hair?

  • RRoJ

    If you can’t be happy IN FUCKING DISNEYLAND... you should be locked up

  • Andy Ward
    Andy Ward

    There’s a lot of comments about spitting... I think people are focusing on the wrong thing. Go watch the whole video and then tell me how spitting plays any major part in it.

  • Joshua Hernandez
    Joshua Hernandez

    Yes Jamie you are correct and still implied now days as well you never know what they have. Our eyes nose and mouth are right there on front of your face.

  • Christopher D.
    Christopher D.

    I for one am shocked it wasn't the usual albino suburbanites

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G

    Spitting, the chia pet of fighting!!!

  • T3

    So what's up Joe do you guys not show clips anymore or what, you need a fire Jeremy