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Video: Kitchen.Nightmares.US.S06E11

VIDEO: Kitchen.Nightmares.US.S06E11
03/02/2013 43:34 128.8K 5.3K 21.6M
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  • Ron Weasley
    Ron Weasley

    *You're like my twin.* *Gordon: ..I can cook, Joe.*

  • Becca Taylor
    Becca Taylor

    I think the staff was the most appalling thing about this restaurant

  • Henrik Hopen
    Henrik Hopen

    This old man can’t probably even make cereal! And you wanna challenge the man himself GORDEN madafaking RAMSEY?? 😂 You don’t know who you are up against. I don’t think for a second that you can beet a 7 year old in making a peanut butter jelly sandwich!

  • eclipse 257
    eclipse 257

    It's shocking just how many owners in this series seems to think that the lack of customers is the problem itself, rather than a symptom of much more fundamental problems with their establishments.

  • Eric Phelan
    Eric Phelan

    You need to get your shit together. Hey you have customers out here. Ahh ahh good job guys 😂

  • Rob Boss
    Rob Boss

    39:33 **takes out a disgusting frozen block of unknown substances** Gordon: “Wot is that” **takes a bite** I can’t believe Gordon would risk eating shit out of that fridge. My god. Hopefully he didn’t get explosive diarrhoea later on.

  • Rob Boss
    Rob Boss

    5:34 “I am *sELf tAuGht* by old school Europeans master chefs that had a liking to me” What the fuck

  • Rob Boss
    Rob Boss

    “If i’m all that, you’re my twin!” Gordon: i can cook... *_joe_* Dude in the background: **surprised pikachu face**

  • lee sardoma
    lee sardoma

    Joe: Good to see you 20 minutes later: You fuck off.

  • Sphinx

    His whole tone changed once he heard u got Customers here

  • punker4Real

    more like Farm > processing > sitting in warehouse for a year >frozen > table