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Video: Low Fat vs. Regular Chips Taste Test

VIDEO: Low Fat vs. Regular Chips Taste Test
01/09/2019 13:41 55.1K 2.5K 2.6M

Are the "healthy" low fat chips actually worth it? Today we're determining how low fat chips stand up when they're pitted heard-to-head against their regular, full-flavor counterpart.  GMM #1457

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Comments (6,938)
  • Alphamorphosis

    I don't even understand the issue with potato chips. Any bag I look at doesn't have much saturated fat. Get more from milk, but I'm pretty sure potato chips are slammed harder than milk. Maybe there's some really gunky brand out there that's bad? But the popular one, Lays I just looked up... 1.5 grams saturated fat in a serving. Unless we've started bashing poly/monounsaturated fat? o.O It's just a mystery to me. It's like bashing peanut butter. Look at the amounts of fats in a bag of chips vs peanut butter.

  • Jamie Osborne
    Jamie Osborne

    Does anyone know why Walkers crisps are called Lays in America?

  • H. McD
    H. McD

    Try Utz no salt chips. Very good

  • Seren Dwyer
    Seren Dwyer

    Rhett: "Why is it so good?" Well...when we eat potato chips, our brain sends out positive endorphins that make us like them and makes junk food like chips almost like a drug. Why? Well, we are evolved to live in the ancestral environment (thousands of years ago). We are not evolved to having food readily available to us so our body craves foods with high fat, calorie, and sugar content. This is what we needed to survive long ago because we could eat less food, and it would keep us going for a long period of time.

  • Rocket Murphy
    Rocket Murphy

    why does low fat exist like if your'e eating chips its never going to be healthy

  • Sophie Datt
    Sophie Datt

    My parents always buy the baked version of chips and I love them

  • P M
    P M

    You need a wind screen on that mic...

  • shysinger bianca
    shysinger bianca

    "you disrespected that potatoe, and really hard" 😂🤣 I laughed so much at his shocking reaction. Lol

  • Tucker DeBord
    Tucker DeBord

    You know I would love to see you guys in concert but all you’re tickets are like 100$ which is ridiculous

  • Liliana Heart
    Liliana Heart

    Did Rhett say low fat sh- I’m not allowed to continue


    Lay’s baked BBQ are the king of “healthier” chips

  • Ice 7
    Ice 7

    I like baked lays better than original, crunchier, less grease

  • Ice 7
    Ice 7

    I also like the lightly salted

  • Craisins aren’t Raisins
    Craisins aren’t Raisins

    We only have reduced fat chips at my school I don’t really know what the normal ones taste like anymore •_• Yeah Only Doritos I still eat those often I go to subway too much

  • grace suzanne
    grace suzanne

    i.. actually enjoy baked lays especially with dip because they are thicker and don’t break as easy

  • Peggy Little Dragon
    Peggy Little Dragon

    Every time they take things out of food they add chemicals to it, is it really better for you?

  • Cha Booty
    Cha Booty

    This is really fueling my eating disorder