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Video: Low Fat vs. Regular Chips Taste Test

VIDEO: Low Fat vs. Regular Chips Taste Test
01/09/2019 13:41 57.9K 2.6K 3M

Are the "healthy" low fat chips actually worth it? Today we're determining how low fat chips stand up when they're pitted heard-to-head against their regular, full-flavor counterpart.  GMM #1457

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Comments (7,086)
  • Vye Rave
    Vye Rave

    They need to restock that sweatshirt.

  • Hillary Barrack
    Hillary Barrack

    Actually, there is no scientific evidence leading to the declaration that you should drink 8 glasses of water per day; that was made up by beverage companies. If you need water you will become thirsty. In addition, it can be extremely dangerous to drink more than you should, and in extreme cases, too much water can kill you.

  • theawesomedude20

    Lays 50% salt is the best out there. I genuinely prefer it to the regular Lays chips

  • Lazy Ninja X
    Lazy Ninja X

    Those baked ones don’t ever look right. I gotta day though, I don’t mind the baked Cheetos.

  • TouYube1987

    Definitely should have been blindfolded for this one

  • Ashton Hartzell
    Ashton Hartzell

    The first one is my favorite. I love the cheddar and sour cream chips

  • Michael Crook
    Michael Crook

    The oven baked bbq lays are actually reallyyyyy good

  • Viper809

    He does not know how to fold laundry. But says he loves doing it. Lol

  • Alejandro Pedro
    Alejandro Pedro

    They should had done the blind taste test to see whats better 🤷