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Video: Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

VIDEO: Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2
12/04/2018 02:19 847.8K 74.5K 42.7M
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  • Prince Gabriel
    Prince Gabriel

    Captain Marvel will not fight the war, she will Endgame it on April 26th! 😆

  • Elon Martin
    Elon Martin

    F the bull crap skrull baby is impossible man

  • rooooooby

    Please don't make a sequel unless you decide to have quality screenplay. Let's not forget that this is suppose to be a superhero film with a female empowerment theme not a disheveled feminism film with a superhero theme. I have never seen a film with an amateurishly awkward lead before. With that said the film is still overall better than Aquaman although Aquaman has it beat with the visuals. PS Please take notes from Alita Battle Angel on how to make a film with an empowering female lead.

  • 530dakhoofiabanda

    This might Sound little crazy but captain marvel's twin jets and hawkeye's twin jet where he came to infiltrate Shield's flying headquarters in First Avengers @1:09:37 have about same Coordinates smh!!

  • Kayla Bennett
    Kayla Bennett

    I don't think the movie is that bad. Just my honest opinion

  • yes me
    yes me

    Nick : "You are a s science guy"😁😁

  • Tingtang Liana
    Tingtang Liana

    Youre gorgeous....but yoyr feet 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Nova.Equalizer

    I wonder what all those people thought seeing an old lady get mercilessly beat on the subway

  • Cameron Joseph Videos
    Cameron Joseph Videos

    Thor: Saved the universe once. Saved Earth Twice. Saved the entire frost giant race. Was willing to sacrifice his life for his friends. Is a rather cocky guy who has earned the right at this point to call himself a hero in a jokey buddy comedy Tony Stark: Super Egotistical. Was willing to sacrifice himself in the Avengers. Went up against Thanos knowing he likely didn't stand a chance and begged Dr Strange not to hand over the time stone at the cost of his own life. This narcissist never calls himself a hero nd actively rejects the title Captain America: Saved millions from Hydra. Helped save Earth twice. Unlike Tony hasn't caused any of their own problems except for Civil war in which nobody was killed. Too humble to call himself a hero. Star Lord: Sacrifices himself for Gamora then says he found something really heroic inside himself which sounds much less pretentious and more just a moment of realization then proceeds to make a joke out of it. Captain Marvel: As far as she knows has done nothing but fight a war these last three years. Clearly just on the word of the Kree without learning anything about who she's fighting and does nothing heroic in her film except indiscriminately slaughtering everyone she spent the last three years with because the Skrulls had a three minute conversation with her which was enough to convince her that every last one of her people were evil and deserved death. Feels the need to correct Fury into adding hero on the end. Thor just said it Captain Marvel felt the need to correct Fury to make a really clunky title that would give Daenerys a run for her money.

  • Axel Malerva
    Axel Malerva

    Yo no sé inglés y todos hablan inglés que bilingües gringos :v

  • MAX UP
    MAX UP

    please can you promote my channel i will do anything in my ability for you thanks

  • justbreath2018

    How come I never see any Latinos playing the main characters or even in Marvel movies?