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Video: Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

VIDEO: Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2
12/04/2018 02:19 867.8K 76.7K 48.3M
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  • David Smith
    David Smith

    The Captain Marvel feminist comics sold poorly no matter how many times Marvel rebooted the character. That's the reason why Captain Marvel showed to many empty cinema rooms around the world. Disney used ghost screenings and deceptive mass media disinformation articles to falsely inflate sales numbers for Captain Marvel. The evidence of how popular this film is isn't hard to find. Videos and pictures of mostly empty cinema seats for Captain Marvel. Rotten Tomatoes put limitations on audience score and deleted thousands of comments. Disney even knows how terrible the Captain Marvel character is, which is why Captain Marvel had very little screen time in Avengers: Endgame.

  • N.F F
    N.F F

    Gw ksini cuma lihat kocheng oren punya captain Marvel ,itu doang gk lbh

  • jhen ja
    jhen ja

    this is so amazing supper amazing


    You’d think they would’ve made her get in shape for this movie. Or maybe filled her suit out better. She flat as a board.

  • Bruno Williams
    Bruno Williams

    I didn’t know Bri was the fat chick in 21 jump street lol.

  • Johnny Calderon
    Johnny Calderon

    Just watched the movie and I liked it, it was cool, and entertaining.

  • ashwath Ash
    ashwath Ash

    Worst choice for captain marvel. She can't fight, she can't walk, she can't even act.


    Foreigners are paid to say this movie didn't totally flop *H0nk H0nk*

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord

    Yep, a movie that earned over a billion is a flop.

  • Bob York
    Bob York

    When did she become a captain?

  • Daan Van Uden
    Daan Van Uden

    Thx to the movie i hate cats even more then before the movie

  • cabadman1

    Movie sucked. Glad I streamed it for free. Keep that feminazi bs to yourself 😂

  • mjl0611

    The movie is awesome. Me and my children loved it

  • Alexandria Renard
    Alexandria Renard

    Every time I see the trailer, it gives me goose bumps, wanna see that move bad!!!

  • Beatrice Bristow
    Beatrice Bristow

    natasha romanoff: can i pls have a movie the russo brothers: uh no...