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Video: Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku vs Gogeta Blue - Who is Stronger!?

VIDEO: Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku vs Gogeta Blue - Who is Stronger!?
02/10/2019 17:08 12.5K 884 475K

Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta vs Ultra Instinct Goku. Who is stronger? Ultra Instinct vs Fusion!? When we saw Jiren vs Goku in Dragon Ball Super Episode 130, Goku showed a amazing power! The Gogeta Blue vs Broly in Dragon Ball Super Broly Fight showed the Goku & Vegeta POST-TOP Fusion power. WHO is stronger? SETH: | MJ:



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Comments (9,379)
  • Xntrikk

    Wtf is dragon ball heroes and is it fan made? And if its fan made why is it being mentioned as a credible source?

  • Melinda Sisk
    Melinda Sisk

    I know it's is off topic for this video but can you do Piccolo from Dragon ball super vs Yuroichi shihoin from bleach please! Pretty please!

  • Jeremiah Yuwananow
    Jeremiah Yuwananow

    When was the last time mui goku punched someone so hard he broke dimensions. Ill wait

  • chuckElegend

    Silly..... Gogeta blue is stronger than MUI GOKU, Broly is stronger than Jiren........ Simple, the word feats always thrown around you are comparing a movie to a 300 episode series, and Broly beating up frieza for an hour, 1st it was off screen and second that was done for comedy purposes ad still the ass whoopin is off screen...... Cause both goku ad vegeta is as strong as frieza but a full powered Broly would beat those guys less than 10mins............

  • Drew Lutz
    Drew Lutz

    I heard stronger than a god of destruction, not greater than all... and there are levels to destroyers.

  • Josh Cha
    Josh Cha

    We already know that gogeta should be much more powerful.

  • farlon muentes
    farlon muentes

    fun about dragonball is this is a show that you turn your brain off. the power level in this show died a long time ago. they're just showing previous forms just to show how new forms are really cooler and stronger. no strategy whatsoever or clever tactics. no fights where the lower forms will thrive than the newer ones because there is one thing about those lower forms that the new one doesn't have. nothing like that. dragonball is only about being cooler than the previous. "oh is super saiyan 2 gohan cool from cell games? forget about that.. here's super saiyan 3 goku.. what's that? you think he's cool now? nooo. forget it. here's vegito". there's really no nostalgia to lure fans in. it's just about hyping up a new form every new arc. who really cares about super saiyan 1-3? it's about saiyan god, kaioken blue MUI, fusions with blue. it's a dumb show but it doesn't stop that from being fun.

  • apurbo shah
    apurbo shah

    Ok video is stupid farmer with shotgun would body them without emptying both barrels

  • Siddhant Srivastava
    Siddhant Srivastava

    Both can win because while goku is fused he can still perform UI.🤔😂😀

  • D smith
    D smith

    They confirmed Broly to be stronger than jiren tho

  • Darwin Anguay
    Darwin Anguay

    I was thinking is mastered ultra instinct with grand priest lol

  • AImighty Jayy
    AImighty Jayy

    The actual power level of SSJB Gogeta greatly succeeds that of MUI, but you cant beat what you cant hit.

  • Ross Alcaraz
    Ross Alcaraz

    Didn’t they say that Jiren was stronger than His god of destruction. Not all of them. It makes sense if they say that Vegeta and Goku aren’t as strong as god’s of destruction yet except for, of course, Goku’s UI.

  • the shadow craft
    the shadow craft

    I have two sides on this argument, first of all, mastered ultra instinct was strong and all but Goku had a little trouble with Jiren at that point, but Gogeta blue wrecked Broly there was no chance, Gogeta was smirking the whole time meaning he wasn't even trying and so the only reason i think MUI would win is because of the self movement which is probably the only advantage he has against Gogeta blue

  • the shadow craft
    the shadow craft

    also i believe the reason why gogeta started going serious against broly is because he probably realized that broly kept adapting to all goku and vegetas transformations and so he was probably afraid that broly would surpass him and so he had to finish it quickly in order to defeat broly

  • Scorpions_ Arcane
    Scorpions_ Arcane

    It’s realy simple: MUI goku is the only one that got punished by having a greater powerlevel than gods😏 BUT WHAT ABOUT MUI GOGETA?!🤩

  • Vincent Lawson
    Vincent Lawson

    Jiren is not stronger frezia and goku and vegeta have been training n broly kicked all of there ass the didn’t even attempt to go Kaioken x20 or anything they ran for there life

  • Phant Philipp
    Phant Philipp

    Why do we even compare MUI to Blue? I mean wtf? Vegito in SS also isnt stronger than SSG Goku.