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Video: Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku vs Gogeta Blue - Who is Stronger!?

VIDEO: Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku vs Gogeta Blue - Who is Stronger!?
02/10/2019 17:08 8.7K 653 277.8K

Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta vs Ultra Instinct Goku. Who is stronger? Ultra Instinct vs Fusion!? When we saw Jiren vs Goku in Dragon Ball Super Episode 130, Goku showed a amazing power! The Gogeta Blue vs Broly in Dragon Ball Super Broly Fight showed the Goku & Vegeta POST-TOP Fusion power. WHO is stronger? SETH: | MJ:



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Comments (6,493)
  • Ultra instinct Shaggy
    Ultra instinct Shaggy

    Comparing gogeta blue and Mui Goku is the fact that gogeta and Goku Mui are the same at strength but gogeta loses on reactions accuracy and a little bit of speed. Mui Goku has also great strength and perfect reactions. And if we calculate that the results are: Gogeta blue and goku Mui strength= draw Gogeta blue and Goku Mui speed accuracy and reactions of body= goku wins

  • Warlock Gaming
    Warlock Gaming

    Could you argue MUI, as powerful as it is, was restricted by being in the tournament of power with the rules against killing etc?

  • I AM me
    I AM me

    easy look goku blue kaioken x20 and vegeta perfect blue fight jiren and they not defeat jiren broly movie we dont see that form jiren more stronger than broly and mui goku much stronger than gogeta

  • Orpatonsi

    SSB Gogeta isn't even stronger than Jiren Gogeta's power = (Vegeta + Goku) * some significant multiplier We've already seen Vegeta in his beyond blue form together with Goku with kaioken x20 fight Jiren and not even coming close to beating him, I can't imagine Gogeta having a multiplier big enough to bridge that gap or that Vegeta's and Goku's power levels have increased that much since that fight with Jiren.

  • ImHerPuddin

    This is an actual video on which is stronger between gogeta blue and MUI? People are pathetic and clearly snowflakes and only want to hear what they want to hear, not what’s actually straight fax. Where’s Ben Shapiro when you need him?

  • Mitchell Bailey
    Mitchell Bailey

    I have a feeling that mui makes you as strong as you need

  • Alan Scott
    Alan Scott

    People don't realize after the tournament, Jiren is still getting stronger.... He has now a rival (Goku) to compete and a new motivation to reach another lvl.

  • Vagg Noct
    Vagg Noct

    they stated that Broly is the strongest that the z fighterz has faced so far , so he is stronger than Jiren , mui Goku beat Jiren tho but not as easily as Gogeta blue beat Broly .

  • Mak G
    Mak G

    Jiren is an asspull character and Ultra Instinct is an asspull form/technique. Not trying to be mean to people who love them but I find it frustrating whenever Jiren and Ultra instinct gets put in a discussion and messes up everything.

  • New Age Rise
    New Age Rise

    Well im going by Anime War's Gogeta Blue was owning White Hair Evil Goku.

  • Los

    MUI gogeta

  • ionicbullets 1
    ionicbullets 1

    Their is a feat for gogeta he broke though the barrier to the time demention in xnovers 2(misspelling)


    I wonder what would happen if gogeta and vegito fused


    Why tf is this a fav character is broly and Gogeta but MUI is stronger than Gogeta and broly is stronger than jiren

  • Spriggan

    And i mean, Broly didn't even get that much training i would say, like his training partner was Paragus and Ba, so if you take Goku, Vegeta and Jiren all three of them have trained for a long as time, Goku and Vegeta trained with Whis, im pretty sure that when Broly is able to have a normal life-style and eat normal food and trained with Goku, Vegeta and Whis, he could easily get a lot stronger.

  • Ethereal Black Eternal
    Ethereal Black Eternal

    Well the TOP was the most inconsistent piece of shit arc that had to many writers constantly giving characters power boost seconds after another writer wrote that same character was out power or powered up to the max. So the truth is we dont know. We have no feats for Broly and Broly didnt actually lose. And Jiren being stronger than ALL the GoD is speculating. Whis having UI doesnt mean Goku in UI is stronger either.

  • Austin Bringhurst
    Austin Bringhurst

    What a stupid video, Obviously Gogeta. Swear to God this guy makes stupid topics like this just for views.

  • Delain124

    This Broly is canon though and the fact is he kept being able to push past Goku and Vegeta in both base, SSJ, SSgod, and SSGSS. It was not until they fused into Gogeta that Broly was fighting someone more powerful. Mind you Broly did all of this with not a whole lot of training. Now just think if he had more training and was able to go full LSSJBlue.

  • Know Body
    Know Body

    lets look at jiren's stats, Goku SSG kicked jiren in the head and barely moved it. Jiren flys faster than a time machine in base form. Shits on Hit Shits on all forms except master UI BUT HE LANDED A HIT AND A KI BLAST ON HIM which raises an eyebrow because whis said no one can hit UI which makes me question if jiren can land a hit on Whis Jiren spoke to God of desctruction toppo like he was a peasant which clearly means he'd destroy beerus no problem. i Think whis told beerus jiren was stronger indirectly. what other evidence do we need? The guy is fast enough to keep up with MUI damn near in base form he lost but he kept up

  • Know Body
    Know Body

    and didnt the broly movie happen before the tournament of power technically?