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Video: Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku vs Gogeta Blue - Who is Stronger!?

VIDEO: Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku vs Gogeta Blue - Who is Stronger!?
02/10/2019 17:08 14.6K 1K 586.8K

Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta vs Ultra Instinct Goku. Who is stronger? Ultra Instinct vs Fusion!? When we saw Jiren vs Goku in Dragon Ball Super Episode 130, Goku showed a amazing power! The Gogeta Blue vs Broly in Dragon Ball Super Broly Fight showed the Goku & Vegeta POST-TOP Fusion power. WHO is stronger? SETH: | MJ:



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Comments (10,086)
  • Loser Squad HD 123
    Loser Squad HD 123

    IF we are looking at strength alone, which Google defines as the quality or state of being physically strong, or the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure, then maybe yes. But then we have to understand that Mastered Ultra Instinct doesn't actually power a person up, it essentially puts that person at there maximum at all times. Although Saiyans get much stronger during battle so yes Goku got stronger at the end of his fight with Jiren then when he first started, and don't even get my started how his Anger made him so much faster, because UI and even more importantly MUI allows the body to move without thoughts and inputs from the nervous system so emotions shouldn't play a role in strength or speed. But I would say YES Gogeta is much stronger than Goku just based off of principle. Then you have to realize what Super Saiyan Blue is and just how powerful it is. I mean SSG makes a person much faster and much more powerful than even Super Saiyan Three as seen how Goku could even stand up to Beerus in the beginning of Super once he turned Godly. And then Blue is taking that God form to the level of a Super Saiyan which as we know makes a person much much stronger than normal. Now it starts to become clear that A SUPER SAIYAN BLUE saiyan would be stronger than a normal saiyan and then theres the fact that Gogeta is a fusion between GOKU and Vegeta which not only adds there powers together but it significantly multiplies them. And then that insane power is taken up to SSGSS. Now you have to realize that GOKU and just about everyone in the show has quite a bit if untapped power just waiting to come out and MUI brings all that power to the fore front. Still I don't think that it would be able to match a SSGSS GOGETA. Still U cant beat what U cant hit.

  • daniel steele
    daniel steele

    goku also went into a u.i. like state against broly's base form. gogeta is stronger. plus this cant happen so, yeah.

  • daniel steele
    daniel steele

    also, golden freiza was able to fight jiren and withstand it, but broly took full power golden freiza as a joke in ssj

  • daniel steele
    daniel steele

    real logic here, m.u.i. can only be achieved in near death state, and that means that he would of gotten a zenkai boost from the universal survival arc, and that means that it would of made gogeta stronger too. plus, when jiren and goku were fighting, they didnt SHATTER REALITY like gogeta and broly. and if you think about it, gogeta blue was smileing while fighting broly. i get broly is weaker than jiren, but jiren didnt shatter reality while fighting goku unlike gogeta and broly.

  • Star Lord AaronNewsted
    Star Lord AaronNewsted

    More powerful: Gogeta Blue More skilled at combat: MUI Goku. MUI Goku is in tune with itself and acting on its own to SURVIVE, not until we see more than speed and pure instinct.

  • RobMineNite Z
    RobMineNite Z

    Like the vid but just wanted to say that broly didn't break Goku and Vegeta's limits because nothing would have happened if they lost, since broly isn't evil but in the tournament of power Jiren made them suppras their limits because the universe was on the line

  • King Nazi
    King Nazi

    I keep wondering why gogeta keeps appearing instead of vegeto ....especially when akira mentioned that vegeto is stronger than gogeta

  • BboyDrMadison

    I think that it should be emphasized that this is a strength comparison to MUI Goku and Gogeta Super saiyan BLUE!!! JUST BLUE!!! It's obvious that MUI is stronger based off of what was seen in the mangas and anime... ... ... HOWEVER, what is NOT being said here is that MUI Goku is stronger than Gogeta as a whole, but simply stronger than his SSB form. Their fusion has unrestrained and unhindered knowledge and strength of both warriors combined, and always has. Examples being, that he can Instant transmission in-spite of being part Vegeta. He can use Final flash, and Bigbang attack in-spite of being part Goku, and is even capable of mixing and combining techniques. Thus, he can use Kaio-ken... SSB grade 2... and yea, in my opinion even MUI if he gets pushed to it. But he simply didn't need to do that against Broly. Gogeta saying that he was showing his full power against Broly, was most likely in that form. Just like they use full power as a SSJ1, Full power SSJG, and Full power SSJB against him before deciding to fuse (Uncharacteristically).

  • Todd Garver
    Todd Garver

    They said Goku gets stronger with every fight, if that's true then Gogeta blue is stronger because Broly is stronger than Jiren. Also Broly is from the same universe as Goku whereas Jiren is not

  • Jordan Ottenbreit
    Jordan Ottenbreit

    Wasn't the lore on Broly was that he was power scaling as he went. Like every time Vegeta or Goku went from base to ssj to god to blue, that Broly would eventually power up to match them. That's why they went to Gogeta to get to an immediately higher level and try and stomp Broly out quick. So many in that sense Broly COULD power to the level of a God of Destruction if he isn't defeated early and quick

  • Jordan Ottenbreit
    Jordan Ottenbreit

    @lee lee but up until Blue form, Broly was still hanging in there. It wasn't until Blue that they finally started overtaking him

  • lee lee
    lee lee

    Jordan Ottenbreit if gogeta wanted to end it quick he woulda went blue instantly but he didn’t

  • Ultra Gohan
    Ultra Gohan

    I feel gogeta wasn't at full power against broly,if he was he would have probably defuse a lot sooner

  • IDT Beast
    IDT Beast

    Mui is strongerr and jiren would body broly goku wasnt even using ssb kaioken x20 and vegeta didnt use his ssbe which is kinda stronger then ssb kaioken x20 and yet jiren beat ssb kaioken x20 and ssbe vegeta and android 17 easily broly wouldet be able to beat that yall go cry me a river

  • Albert Mercurio
    Albert Mercurio

    Mui is hard state for even gods to reach yes. But beerus' mui would be way stronger than goku's. .

  • PocketWow

    Like Vegetto, Gogeta can stack forms from both Goku and Vegeta. Though never done for real, it's extremely likely Gogeta can use SSB Evolved and Kaioken (this putting less strain on him than it did on Goku when he was up against Hit, simply because as a fusion that's double the bodies to strain; Vegeta and Goku are both well beyond the tolerances of back then), making him IMO as strong in terms of offensive power as MUI Goku, and without forgetting Goku's speed against Hit (and how he's probably far faster than that by now) that could help Gogeta negate MUI's speed. My two cents, I'm high and it's 4 AM so...

  • cloud218

    I would vote UI trumps anything else

  • blitzo zero
    blitzo zero

    People who say broly and gogeta blue come close to jiren, UI Goku, or MUi Goku are dick riders💀