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Video: METAL COOLER RETURNS! Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 11

VIDEO: METAL COOLER RETURNS! Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 11
05/09/2019 12:13 1.8K 84 60.3K

Super Dragon Ball Heroes PROMO ANIME Episode 11 ARRIVES as we have Super Saiyan Blue Evolution Vegeta vs Kamioren and an amazing Blue Final Flash, Jiren vs Merged Zamasu continues, Trunks arrives, Goku vs Hearts, and COOLER IS BACK!? FU RETURNS TOO? Tons of stuff!



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Comments (578)
  • Tappy Toes
    Tappy Toes

    Anybody else seen the Starbucks coffee cup in this episode?

  • Rony Ron
    Rony Ron

    Tappy Toes I was looking for it 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

  • Danosauruscreck

    Zamasu with a to go cup would be hilarious sitting at the table with black.

  • Janemba 112
    Janemba 112

    Game of thrones fans always looking for any opportunity to talk about the show..

  • Andrew Brannen 5
    Andrew Brannen 5

    @goku ultra instinct it's a game of thrones meme 🤣🤣🤣

  • Andy Six
    Andy Six

    HAH I died that that .. "They all touch each other" then proceeded to fix it by saying "they all put their hands on eachothers sholders realizing the phrasing .. genius haha geekdom your the best

  • CA Group
    CA Group

    Will he kick Vegeta in the dick?

  • john izmirlian
    john izmirlian

    Hearts was about to put the heroes in the cubes on Sadala but the tsuforians wanted to keep fighting them.... Also when you watch all the episodes in a row it’s really not that bad

  • Charles Boisrond
    Charles Boisrond

    Hey Geekdom,can you do a video exposing all the satanism and occult influence in Dragonball over the last almost 30 years?

  • Ilias soo
    Ilias soo

    Watch them also add super saiyan rage trunks next episode

  • Ilias soo
    Ilias soo

    I'm calling it now: True golden Geti star coming up

  • Herbert

    It would be cool if jiren is the hero on the series

  • Bryce Krispiez
    Bryce Krispiez

    I don’t get why they revealed him like he’s a big deal. We just saw him 6 episodes ago...

  • Lapis Android 17 Park Ranger
    Lapis Android 17 Park Ranger

    Yeh eh, a few eps ago they wanted to trap them all in that cube, but the vro and sis wanted to fight so hearts didn't.

  • Kris Beavers
    Kris Beavers

    This multiverse, hero, xeoverse is mad confusing

  • Christian Assy
    Christian Assy

    If yamcha goes super saiyan god super saiyan rose god 3 green I'm done with Naruto

  • 7DeadlySSJG's

    I'm under the impression that jiren will break out because hit was able to hold jiren for a little bit, long enough to teleport away at least. I feel they'll fight later when Goku and co unite with the pride trooper's

  • GamebustersUK

    I felt like what could of been cool, is Zamasu going on about how he's immortal, and that's when Toppo steps in and tries to use Hakai, since it's supposed to destroy anything even if someone is immortal.

  • digunder14

    hearts also says, least in the subs, that he read goku's mind and he explains that he is gunna draw it out of him and and then defeat this perfect version of goku

  • Dontae Woods
    Dontae Woods

    Am I the only one who’s lost af about where we are even at in this show anymore ?

  • SSJ4 Truble
    SSJ4 Truble

    You forgot he did use that cube to destroy a planet earlier in the anime. It is established as a powerful technique 😏


    the power scaling , sucks , Trunks is Some How Stronger then Ultra Instinct goku , i think they keep going way off with power