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Video: Molly Makes Arancini | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

VIDEO: Molly Makes Arancini | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit
11/08/2018 08:16 25.4K 590 1.1M

Join Molly in the Test Kitchen as she makes arancini (deep fried stuffed rice balls)! To make these Sicilian cheese-filled snacks, you first have to make risotto, then use the risotto to make cheese-stuffed balls, then coat them with breadcrumbs and deep-fry them. It’s a labor of love that will make other people love you, which is reason enough to give this recipe a try.
Check out the recipe here:

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Molly Makes Arancini | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

Comments (1,547)
  • Molly Baz
    Molly Baz

    If molten arancini are the new mozzarella sticks, I can’t think of a better way to bring home our 100th episode. Tune into this celebration station ASAP!!! 😘

  • MY A
    MY A

    How much rice did you use?

  • Robby

    Why didn’t Chris eat any?

  • Sean T
    Sean T

    Would trade mozzarella sticks for these any day!

  • Ingrid Dubbel
    Ingrid Dubbel

    Molly use the entire word. You are not 7 years old. It isn't cute it is peurile.

  • Alex Swords
    Alex Swords

    How dare you demean Sicilian cuisine like this. Cultural appropriation at its worst.

  • Andrew Mullins
    Andrew Mullins

    Molly Baz I made these! they turned out absolutely delicious and it’s all thanks to u and BA thanks xx 🧡

  • CP Johnson
    CP Johnson

    What tips can you give to those of us who are gall bladder(less) and shy away from fried foods? I am thinking we could make the arancini using the oven and a tray with a rack so the bottom gets some heat? Probably do away with the flour when rolling and just use egg and crumbs?

  • ro pro
    ro pro

    Molly's my favorite BA chef! :)

  • Racksor

    Allicin is our lord and saviour i think

  • TastyBurritos

    "Andiamo!" I just love how much Molly loves ye olde Italy

  • Mo G
    Mo G

    It’s not risoetoe Molly 🙄

  • Kevin Corso
    Kevin Corso

    Can anyone speak about gutter mouth in kitchens?

  • Fatty G
    Fatty G

    Im lazy. Ill make rice a roni instead lol its close enough

  • carlo todaro
    carlo todaro

    These are Calabrian chilies , they're Sicilian ?? That's like saying these are New York peppers ,they're from Chicago.

  • Ase Garcia
    Ase Garcia

    I made my first risotto ever today, based on this recipe but adding green/red bell pepper and zuchinni to the sofrito... It was a total success!! Super easy and delicious. Next time I'll do the Arancini :D

  • Eros  Pelullo
    Eros Pelullo

    The way she pronounces risotto makes my Italian heart hurt.

  • Hillary Hoang
    Hillary Hoang

    when you know what arancini is because of Anna :D

  • Sithy Q
    Sithy Q

    Awe! Chris looks like a mailman! <3

  • J Ricca
    J Ricca

    Im Sorry but thats not a Arancini maybe a cheesy rice ball


    Gordon Ramsey would SHOUT THE HELL PUT OF HER if he sees this fried risotto

  • Jamine Regnier
    Jamine Regnier

    My least favorite thing is when Mol abreves her words 🙄

  • Lily Jackson
    Lily Jackson

    I thought I was the only one who thought that! Don't know why it annoys me so much

  • Manuel Apollo
    Manuel Apollo

    The traditional ones are stuffed with ragu` bolognese, peas and mozzarella. But also this simple version seems tasty