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Video: My Hero Academia - The Future of Shonen

VIDEO: My Hero Academia - The Future of Shonen
12/04/2018 16:49 4K 192 71.3K

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  • Mal Forte
    Mal Forte

    If you’re reading this, it’s too late to watch JOJO’s. We’ve moved on without you.

  • Nico S
    Nico S

    Great to hear you talking about My hero, the story has been superb

  • John Evanoff
    John Evanoff

    Relatability is the reason spiderman is arguably the most popular superhero on earth.

  • Hated Genius
    Hated Genius

    I feel as though Dragon Ball could benefit from being dished out in a seasonal format for better visuals and more prep time. I agree with you on that statement Geekdom. Problem is that there's too much demand for it so Toei most likely feels frightened that they won't be able to meet their quotas since Dragon Ball is probably their most profitable piece of work.

  • Myles Mcfly
    Myles Mcfly

    Idk, just feel like he reaching with the marvel shit

  • Dustin Catalan
    Dustin Catalan

    I wish One piece would go seasonal. My hero has one of the best anime adaptation

  • Dustin Catalan
    Dustin Catalan

    @Nolie Canoli I know it would hurt the companies business if it wasn't running yearly but I think it would be better for the product in the long run and build more hype for the series when it would return. I like the quality over quantity approach, and it would give the anime staff more time of , they hours they put in must be exhausting.

  • Nolie Canoli
    Nolie Canoli

    Dustin Catalan Yeah it could potentially be great, however everyone who has a hand in creating the anime (aside from Oda himself) most likely fear the possible fan backlash that the series could get for taking this approach.

  • SapiaNt0mata

    the reason that Saitama wins with one punch or without struggle is that OPM is a deconstruction of shonen tropes. ONE said that he didn't want the main character to be weak and get stronger over time. he said he wanted the character to be strong from the beginning so that he doesn't follow this trope that shonen follow.

  • Diego Segovia
    Diego Segovia

    Another reason the timing of MHA was so perfect was that the anime came out right about the same time naruto ended. Even kishimoto said that MHA filled the whole left by naruto

  • Brett Davis
    Brett Davis

    I have loved MHA since I started watching it because the story is just so well written. From a technical standpoint, it is a masterpiece so far. It is just nice to watch something so well crafted and appreciate it from an artistic standpoint.

  • Kitkat915e

    "a finger on the pulse of the future" Just gotta say that's a beautiful phrase.

  • Jerome

    Don't sleep on black clover


    I hope you’re not implying that the future of shonen manga is taking an all superhero route like marvel already has. One thing that makes manga stand out more than American comics, is all the different storylines and characters. They don’t fall into one category, manga/anime has a variety of different genres.

  • Gin Ichimaru
    Gin Ichimaru

    I don’t care that the seven deadly sins isn’t shonen it’s definitely better than mha😤💯