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Video: Ok, let's talk about this NEW Nintendo Switch Lite.

07/10/2019 18:20 24.9K 2K 795.3K

Nintendo Switch Lite, or Nintendo Switch Mini, has been a rumor, a leak, for MONTHS. But, September 20th the SWITCH LITE IS REAL! So let's talk about the New Nintendo Switch, it's pros and cons, the negativity, the love and HOW I FEEL! LET'S GO! SUBSCRIBE AND HIT THAT BELL! #nintendoswitchlite #switchlite #nintendoswitch

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Comments (6,336)
  • OmarHDGamer

    Nintendo switch : 3/3/2017 Zelda botw : 3/3/2017 Nintendo switch lite : 9/20/2019 Zelda link's awakening : 9/20/2019 Me : coincidence I think NOT !

  • Golden Gappeler
    Golden Gappeler

    “People that don’t have a Switch probably has a 3DS and is hoping to upgrade it to a new and affordable Switch!” He literally read my mind

  • NyxLulz

    I’m a simple nostalgic man. I don’t need the motion gimmicks and wii flashbacks. I just want to lay in bed and play Pokémon and Zelda. This is perfect for me.

  • Fevos Man
    Fevos Man

    "No one is ever happy any more" damn boy, I felt that

  • HoopsieDee

    "maybe people don't have a switch, maybe they only have a 3DS" Me, I'm people... haven't been able to afford the full switch et, so i'm excited about this!

  • a l i n a
    a l i n a

    i know this was not the point, but i feel like these will be a great aesthetic. dare I say the next Gameboy color

  • Rose

    As long as I can play animal crossing and Skyrim I’m content

  • Nathan Fuller
    Nathan Fuller

    I NEVER use my Switch on the TV. I ALWAYS play in handheld mode.

  • kurochu

    me: just bought the switch nintendo: * lets release a cheaper switch*

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A

    I'm only getting this because I don't have a switch and it's cheaper

  • Just_A_Potato

    Yes, I believe people who say "this is stupid, I already have a switch" are being a bit selfish. They're thinking about themselves, but what about the people who are on a budget and can't afford something like that. In my opinion, the Switch Lite was sent from Jesus. (pls don't flame me its just my opinion). ;_;

  • Kaileigh Dean
    Kaileigh Dean

    I'm personally really excited about the Switch Lite as it's priced to be more accessible, I don't have an original Switch and I'm not a hardcore Nintendo fan where I need to get every single game, there's personally only a handful of games I would want to get. Agree with all the points you made, and as I said I am very excited for this new device.

  • Alejandra Romero
    Alejandra Romero

    I really like how you explained their reasons. 👏🏼 I’m gonna grab it! I don’t have the original switch because of the price. So, I’m excited. People are ignorant🤣 like you said, there’s billions of other people that don’t have it.

  • no name
    no name

    I have a switch but im buying the lite for my sister so she can stop taking my switch. I know 1000 IQ.

  • JaySpex

    This would be way better if the switch lite was backwards compatible with the 3ds

  • Shannon Pierson
    Shannon Pierson

    Nintendo: releases new system announcement Almost everybody on the face of planet earth: I hate this with all of my soul and being even though it isn't out yet

  • Juliet B
    Juliet B

    I think the Switch lite looks nicer than the normal one! I also hope they fixed the joy con drift on the Lite... I am tempted to buy it, even though I already have a Switch! And so many games coming out in the upcoming months that I want to buy, rip my wallet ahaha


    It’s great, going to buy one for the misses as she takes 1hr train rides to work 🔥