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Video: Old Bardock vs New Bardock - Dragon Ball Super Broly

VIDEO: Old Bardock vs New Bardock - Dragon Ball Super Broly
10/08/2018 12:49 8K 483 316.8K

TRY VRV: | Dragon Ball Z Bardock vs Dragon Ball Minus Bardock! With the Dragon Ball Super Broly RETCON of Bardock and Gine, we discuss why people are so mad at Toriyama's changes in the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie. Dragon Ball Minus Explained AND Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 2 are all talked about.



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Comments (4,461)
  • PrudentiusInvader

    Does that also mean Bardocks squad no longer exist. Tora his bestfriend and the other guys.

  • Muhtadi Haque
    Muhtadi Haque

    I wonder if Beerus told freeza to blow up planet Vegeta

  • dalton shook
    dalton shook

    If it’s sayian armor and this is the first time freiza shows up it would make sense that he himself wouldn’t have sayian armor on.

  • Malv Gaming
    Malv Gaming

    @Geekdom101 man you literally kept the cut that has bardok and others at 7:40 what are you talking about.

  • Davonti Howard
    Davonti Howard

    +Anime Rush some people eat brunch and supper. Those people have toddlers. It's kids, babies, young adult, adult, old man. Toddler is a baby, bro. Lol

  • Davonti Howard
    Davonti Howard

    +Xthe Man that's what I'm saying ROFL. I see 4 year olds in strollers still rofl. 3 is definitely a baby

  • wolf ex
    wolf ex

    I like bardock becuse he rebeled

  • Armando Gexcior
    Armando Gexcior

    RAMSES 9676 All of that is invalid just by you mentioning what’s “canon” when there is no such structure in DB, that’s only coming from ignoramus fans with the poor mentality of projecting what they think they know about literature. When it comes to DB, it’s all a matter of separate/alternate continuities, they all exist in the DB world spectrum.

  • Dylan Babcock
    Dylan Babcock

    Sorry for commenting so late I just wanna get this out there. Why are people freaking out because it LOOKS like minus? They very well essentially merge the two Bardocks like if this still happens but he actually had enough "humanity" to see his son off before going on the mission.

  • Dylan Babcock
    Dylan Babcock

    Why is no armor relevant? And the explosion could have consumed Bardock already and the Frieza force could have retreated to his ship.

  • Dylan Babcock
    Dylan Babcock

    And the Goku in the movie looks like what one would describe as still a baby just not a new born.

  • センパイ

    Jesus, let the old man write in peace. Even if you don't like the new changes, it doesn't matter. The old films are still there for you to see. Toriyama just wanted to retell the story from a different point of view. He's never been consistent about what goes on in Dragonball.

  • Zeles

    What about the scientist?

  • Muhammad Abdullahi
    Muhammad Abdullahi

    Ayo U pretty much summed it up, but in toriyama defense I believe he was influenced 2 change the origin of the saiyans by the marvel & DC comics givin there characters new origins I don't know maybe he'z 2 compete with Superman & the hulk's (rebirth). But I agree it's hogwash

  • m jefferson
    m jefferson

    Whenever I read comics or see movies I think of it as self contained. I know things change but I try not to notice

  • Temujin18S

    Dragonball become so big as franchise its becoming like DC or marvel comics with constant reboots and retcons. Mark my words if you think it's bad now watch in another 20 years it's gonna be unrecognisable. Heck dragonball bigger than Toriyama now.

  • PrudentiusInvader

    This is crazy, so much lore is getting screwed. I really liked the old story of Bardock

  • NotLogan

    He probably forgot about bardock and didn't remember to change it.

  • Chhanny Im
    Chhanny Im

    Dudes getting old. Who cares if people are pissed. Let the man get old. How many times has he admitted to forgetting his own work? So many

  • Kakarot 2006
    Kakarot 2006

    Bardock’s old design makes him look awesome and a rebel to frieza and the Saiyans while the new design makes him look like everyone else. Hopefully he will have the same personality as he was originally written as.

  • Evening of the Undead
    Evening of the Undead

    "The Father of Goku" and "Episode of Bardock" are canon to the anime. Not the manga. "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" is canon to both. Both being canon to the anime is what causes a problem. But not really because Broly is basically Toriyama just having fun showing what he would've done with the characters instead. You can pick either one or both because when it comes to the anime, technically both are true. Personally, I think people should stop asking questions and just enjoy the damn show.