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Video: Old Bardock vs New Bardock - Dragon Ball Super Broly

VIDEO: Old Bardock vs New Bardock - Dragon Ball Super Broly
10/08/2018 12:49 9K 560 391.8K

TRY VRV: | Dragon Ball Z Bardock vs Dragon Ball Minus Bardock! With the Dragon Ball Super Broly RETCON of Bardock and Gine, we discuss why people are so mad at Toriyama's changes in the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie. Dragon Ball Minus Explained AND Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 2 are all talked about.



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Comments (4,695)
  • enrique12338

    This bardock is trash where is grampa gohan and if they maid it new why did they still put bardock with his armor broken and his still shooting a ki blast at frieza why did they keep this part in answer me thanks

  • Black Anger
    Black Anger

    Bottom line is they always mess with stuff they just leave alone ..thats just bottom line of the dissatisfaction

  • A. Liguria
    A. Liguria

    Which one will be remembered the most ? -The ORIGINAL Bardock ? or -The Minus Bardock ? Guess we'll have to see it from who will appear in the games from now on.

  • PrudentiusInvader

    Does that also mean Bardocks squad no longer exist. Tora his bestfriend and the other guys.

  • Muhtadi Haque
    Muhtadi Haque

    I wonder if Beerus told freeza to blow up planet Vegeta

  • dalton shook
    dalton shook

    If it’s sayian armor and this is the first time freiza shows up it would make sense that he himself wouldn’t have sayian armor on.

  • Malv Gaming
    Malv Gaming

    @Geekdom101 man you literally kept the cut that has bardok and others at 7:40 what are you talking about.

  • Davonti Howard
    Davonti Howard

    +Anime Rush some people eat brunch and supper. Those people have toddlers. It's kids, babies, young adult, adult, old man. Toddler is a baby, bro. Lol

  • Davonti Howard
    Davonti Howard

    +Xthe Man that's what I'm saying ROFL. I see 4 year olds in strollers still rofl. 3 is definitely a baby

  • wolf ex
    wolf ex

    I like bardock becuse he rebeled

  • PepeGearSolid

    Dragon Ball Super/Minus both are part of an alternate reality/timeline/universe than the original Dragon Ball/Z as far as I am concerned.

  • MrAlh840001

    unfortunatly toriyama just took a big dump on the bardock special and on all of its awesome characters including bardock himself, definetly a waste.

  • Greg Dobson
    Greg Dobson

    Toriyama is basically George Lucas: great at worldbuilding but horrible at writing a narrative. He's nothing without his editors.

  • Greg Dobson
    Greg Dobson

    Non-canon Bardock >>>>>>>>>>> Canon Bardock.

  • Super60429

    Does anyone else see the irony of Toriyama retconning Goku's origin story to be exactly the same as that of Superman when he claims to hate the English dub of Z for having Goku act like Superman?

  • p. rofit
    p. rofit

    Im only mad because goku was getting his ass pounded harder than jiren and still didnt go MUI, like wtf man you got this badass new power atleast train with it now

  • mk4tv

    3 years old is a baby lol

  • Video - Brains
    Video - Brains

    Ewwwwwwww, that film. Doesnt even laugh at the fireball in space.

  • Sonmeone

    But bardock did get hit in the movie.

  • Consumed by deceit
    Consumed by deceit

    Super ruined the franchise. Retcon after retcon All it is, a quick cash grab. Plot and development have zero meaning now. Look at all the characters and recycled plots in super. Foo should just call it quits. DB met the same fate as pokemon. Future trunks frieza and even the pilaf crew how the fuck are they relevant?? Just cause they appeared in GT and he wants to show some relevancy?? Winnie the pooh, a fuckin robot, team full of wolves, an alien gray, even the blue transformation is piss poor writing. They ruined Bardock, one of the few great untouched aspects of the series. That puta toriyama cannot be forgiven. Fuck that puta and super.

  • Alaistair Lee
    Alaistair Lee

    I prefer a more human version of bardock, I like bardock better in minus

  • Jay Saucedo
    Jay Saucedo

    Frieza didn't wear his armor when he was first introduced to the saiyan, duh? He does after.