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Video: Old Bardock vs New Bardock - Dragon Ball Super Broly

VIDEO: Old Bardock vs New Bardock - Dragon Ball Super Broly
10/08/2018 12:49 9.3K 588 420.6K

TRY VRV: | Dragon Ball Z Bardock vs Dragon Ball Minus Bardock! With the Dragon Ball Super Broly RETCON of Bardock and Gine, we discuss why people are so mad at Toriyama's changes in the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie. Dragon Ball Minus Explained AND Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 2 are all talked about.



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Comments (4,741)
  • Muhammad Zambri
    Muhammad Zambri

    All this anger about friza not wearing his original armor n some MINOR differences?? Where were you guys when dragon ball evolution live action came out and they cast a hong kong guy to be goku? A hong kong asian guy who doesn't even know martial arts was GOKU! Remember, DB is JAPAN not CHINA OR HONKONG. and many of u guys watched it. Some white cosplayers make a better GOKU. And where were u guys with this same anger and rage when they msde xmen??? Totally no yellow suit for wolverine!! And they made 3/4 movies like that and got away with it!!!!

  • nabil chowdhury
    nabil chowdhury

    Geekdom101 I like this new Bardock way better. And my favorite Bardock is the OP 5th Dimensional Time Breaker Bardock.

  • enrique12338

    This bardock is trash where is grampa gohan and if they maid it new why did they still put bardock with his armor broken and his still shooting a ki blast at frieza why did they keep this part in answer me thanks

  • Black Anger
    Black Anger

    Bottom line is they always mess with stuff they just leave alone ..thats just bottom line of the dissatisfaction

  • A. Liguria
    A. Liguria

    Which one will be remembered the most ? -The ORIGINAL Bardock ? or -The Minus Bardock ? Guess we'll have to see it from who will appear in the games from now on.

  • PrudentiusInvader

    Does that also mean Bardocks squad no longer exist. Tora his bestfriend and the other guys.

  • Muhtadi Haque
    Muhtadi Haque

    I wonder if Beerus told freeza to blow up planet Vegeta

  • dalton shook
    dalton shook

    If it’s sayian armor and this is the first time freiza shows up it would make sense that he himself wouldn’t have sayian armor on.

  • Malv Gaming
    Malv Gaming

    @Geekdom101 man you literally kept the cut that has bardok and others at 7:40 what are you talking about.

  • Davonti Howard
    Davonti Howard

    @Crazy Platinum some people eat brunch and supper. Those people have toddlers. It's kids, babies, young adult, adult, old man. Toddler is a baby, bro. Lol

  • Davonti Howard
    Davonti Howard

    @Xthe Man that's what I'm saying ROFL. I see 4 year olds in strollers still rofl. 3 is definitely a baby

  • Alejandro Sanchez
    Alejandro Sanchez

    This should have never happened - also Lord Beerus ordering the destruction of planet Vegeta. Destroys the badass history

  • Undead Bat
    Undead Bat

    I prefer the old bardock he was his own unique character, a brutal Saiyan warrior that didn’t give a fuck about anything except his comrades and getting stronger by going into almost suicidal battles but as the story progress bardock realizes his fate and accepts it in the end but also I feel like in someway he tried to makes things right for himself after all the horrible things he’s done by trying to defeat frieza even after being badly injured he never gave up trying to save his own home and people by warning everyone of friezas intentions with planet vegeta while the new one just seemed like a jor el story kind of story nothing more nothing less

  • KaibaCorp HQ
    KaibaCorp HQ

    Let's be honest, the only characters we can be sure he'll never forget about are Goku and Vegeta, the rest always have a possibility of being victims of forgetfulness.

  • Khalid Elmekki
    Khalid Elmekki

    He did rebel in the Dragon Ball Super movie, it just wasn't as epic as the original TV special though.

  • Karina Tinoco
    Karina Tinoco

    I agree to Geekdom101 I saw the new movie and I like a lot. I don't really care about the dates. Maybe he like to change a lot about the Saiyans. I love the movies and the TV series too. I don't get why some people are pissed about DragonBall so much, a change would be nice.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    I never understood why they said the movie follows the anime? How could it? It follows the manga. Which is also why you don't see Goku use Kaio Ken or have Vegeta use that deep blue form because they never did in the manga. Plus Broly was mentioned in the manga chapters as well. Like with Resurrection F being part of the manga even though you never saw it it was still mentioned so why do people think it's continuing the anime, when really it's continuing the manga. It was even written by Akira too, the Broly movie was.

  • R4pt0r 0411
    R4pt0r 0411

    I’m gonna be honest I don’t really care that Bardock so different

  • George Alonsito
    George Alonsito

    I well I liked dragon ball minus when I read it, but I’m kind of dissapointed that I wanted dragon ball episode of bardock where bardock turns super Saiyan to be canon :/

  • Hippity Hoppity
    Hippity Hoppity

    We didn't really like new Bardock. The old Bardock was the one that had that main anime character who works hard vibe. The new Bardock was a soft pussy, sure he stood up to frieza like the old Bardock, but for what he didn't have that emotional determination that we see old Bardock have.

  • Letho Of Gulet
    Letho Of Gulet

    Hope they make him like the og bardock in Dragon Ball Super pt 2 I guess??

  • Letho Of Gulet
    Letho Of Gulet

    His personality in the new movie was better but the og one was more of a bad ass brute..

  • Juan Gomez
    Juan Gomez

    Of you look to the left side of the first clip you show about no army it shows several people I suspect it is a army