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Video: Old Bardock vs New Bardock - Dragon Ball Super Broly

VIDEO: Old Bardock vs New Bardock - Dragon Ball Super Broly
10/08/2018 12:49 7.2K 412 252.2K

TRY VRV: | Dragon Ball Z Bardock vs Dragon Ball Minus Bardock! With the Dragon Ball Super Broly RETCON of Bardock and Gine, we discuss why people are so mad at Toriyama's changes in the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie. Dragon Ball Minus Explained AND Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 2 are all talked about.



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Comments (4,065)
  • Armando Gexcior
    Armando Gexcior

    RAMSES 9676 All of that is invalid just by you mentioning what’s “canon” when there is no such structure in DB, that’s only coming from ignoramus fans with the poor mentality of projecting what they think they know about literature. When it comes to DB, it’s all a matter of separate/alternate continuities, they all exist in the DB world spectrum.

  • Dizzle Gamer & Viewer
    Dizzle Gamer & Viewer

    Geekdom101 Yeah because you have Original Bardock Minus Bardock/Not Bardock Back-to-the-past Bardock Super Sayian Bardock Super Sayian 2 Bardock Super Sayian 3 Bardock and Masked Bardock ............they’re sure are a handful of Bardocks, aren’t there?

  • jacob daus
    jacob daus

    Geekdom101 you pinned your own comment? Dweeb...

  • TheCopyto

    The thing is that dragon ball it's just a dumb shonen anime, the lore doesn't matter.

  • Amos Zarfran
    Amos Zarfran

    Is that a venom quote? Cause he said "so many snacks so little time."

  • GoatGang Dizz
    GoatGang Dizz

    Yeah, I hate that MF...he's so weird & wish washy.

  • Blad3sofWaR

    Akira retells the story (claims it's alternate universe) Sells alot of Manga Profit??

  • Isaiah Powell
    Isaiah Powell

    One thing that really blows me about toriyama is that he never took notes on his own series or goes back to review past material that’s how he’s always been

  • Fredrik

    Didn't appear to be anybody there? Are you blind there's tons of people to the left 7:41

  • Marc Lussier
    Marc Lussier

    Why do People complain about minor changes, they act like he changed the bible or something 😂 it's entertaiment

  • Ray Chargle
    Ray Chargle

    Old Bardock made more sense. Remember that part Bardock and his team attacked those people so they can get that power to see the future? That made it more unique. Here's why when Bardock was given the Physic Ability to see the future, Bardock and his son Kakarot could see it. And that explain why Kakarot was Crying so Loud it Awaken something in him not just a super Sayian but Legendary Power from within. I Felt like that physic Ability Gave him a secret unknown power to go beyond limits. Think about it That physic Ability was so powerful Bardock's own Offspring could witness it with him but you just had to be a newborn witch also makes sense. And the part Kakarot hit his Head when he was a baby I think that also was important. lol

  • Terrance Alford
    Terrance Alford

    Another reason why Naruto Fans feel like Naruto is a better Manga and Anime smh Naruto have everything! Continuity, Character Building, and Wayyy better episode fillers but Dragon balll still better is just running out of excuses for Akira 😭🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Terrance Alford
    Terrance Alford

    Lol I know people have to make they money but I neverrrrr watch ads immediately skip 2min ahead 😂

  • Donte Tucker
    Donte Tucker

    I mean people can get mad but remember Akira made it so??😐😐(still hyped about the movie🔥🔥)


    Some of you might need a life

  • MPA 1
    MPA 1

    It's called multiverse theory. GT is just as canon as super is. Just different multiverses just like from cell saga and black saga. One trunks came back & gave goku the meds & the other trunks had 2 take care of all the enemies himself.

  • Giio TM
    Giio TM

    They ruined the whole story of dragonball & dragonball z.. that's crazy.. so Raditz doesn't come to earth to remind Goku that he was sent there to destroy it? Grandpa Gohan doesn't accidentally drop Goku on his head so he forgets everything? Like dude you might as well erase the entire fuckin anime and start from scratch at this point.. jeez, at least GT keep it true to the roots.. Super has been fucking up the DBZ lore that's been set for the past 25 years.. Potara not being permanent, Giving weaker characters like Frieza & 17 the ability to be as strong as Goku after the Buu saga, Now this shit.. its just one big ass pile of trash.. but it'll probably appeal to the casuals of today but for us hardcore DBZ fans, nah.

  • yungmatt009

    For me, Dragon Ball ended after Goku flew off with Uub. Super’s story is so inconsistent. Hell I’d take GT being canon over the Super events.