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Video: OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

VIDEO: OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!
05/14/2019 13:54 176.5K 4.6K 6.5M

OnePlus 7 Pro is crazy fast in all the right ways. For $669. Nice.
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  • Eric Y
    Eric Y

    1. Best display on the market 2. Top 3 best camera 3. Notch-less display 4. Excellent battery/Warp charging capabilities 5. +$300 cheaper than the competition The OP7 Pro IS the best smartphone of the year. While other companies compromised heavily on their flagship devices (Shamesung and the like), OnePlus delivered on all major accounts. Good sh*t!

  • Mr. Nice Guy
    Mr. Nice Guy

    Watching on my OnePlus 7 pro 🤫 insanely fast indeed 🌝

  • BalthazarTheGreat

    Fun fact Samsung manufactures the display for the one plus 7 pro which I find interesting. It's not as bright or color rich/ accurate as the Galaxy S/ note line but it has an edge with no notch or hole punch it's actually labeled under the New-Infinity display tech when show back at the December 2018 press video right before the guy showed the beta Galaxy fold all shady. That and it has a higher refresh rate of 90hz which if you are wondering Samsungs next level display coming out with the Galaxy S11 will me micro LED based support 120hz with dynamic refresh rate adjustment 60-120hz depending on content and will erase the worry of burn in since the display is 100% artificial.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Stand by time makes up for the battery drain

  • Deals Club
    Deals Club

    World's best good looking phone with crazy speed.... Luv one plus devices 😁


    Still using OP7P since launch and loving it!😜😊


    @hussain Al-Essa It's been great! Never not made it through the day always 6 to 7 1/2 hours SOT it's gotten even better with time 👊🏻👍🏻

  • Eian Loki
    Eian Loki

    Is it really worth buying 6gig or ram model?

  • Tony G
    Tony G

    I blame Apple and the sheep who believe that expensive means better. I'm looking at you! iPhone X

  • Mayank Agarwal
    Mayank Agarwal

    What is the wallpaper site or app you follow for such wallpapers?

  • anudeep nayak
    anudeep nayak

    Are there any android tablets with high refresh rates ?