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Video: OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing - It's ALL SCREEN

VIDEO: OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing - It's ALL SCREEN
05/14/2019 16:11 105.4K 3.7K 5.6M

Unboxing the new OnePlus 7 Pro. Discount code = unbox

The OnePlus 7 Pro is the latest flagship device from OnePlus. It features a pop-up camera and an all-screen design, Snapdragon 855, up to 12GB of RAM and a 90Hz OLED display.

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Comments (10,745)
  • homegrowntwinkie

    I really wanna buy that knife you use to open all the new products. It looks like a great unboxing knife, literally.

  • Just in thyme
    Just in thyme

    @SG N8 yes they are. 3 1/2 months waiting on my s10+ grip case and skin. All for nothing. Ended up cancelling

  • Loli Pat
    Loli Pat

    wheres the review on the bullets wireless 2!!??

  • Mr. Zombie
    Mr. Zombie

    Bro I want to buy a phone Which one will be best for me One plus 7 Huawei k20 Huawei p30 Please help me Please

  • Ahmad Nizam
    Ahmad Nizam

    @Unbox Theraphy please unbox the oppo reno 10 x zoom..

  • Malik Morgan
    Malik Morgan

    Hello unbox therapy... My name is Malik Morgan and i was wondering if you are giving away this phone that you used in the video... I am in need of a phone and I'll share more info of me to you if you respond.. Much love <3

  • Vic Gene
    Vic Gene

    As i always see you "drop" softly but drop on the wooden table the devices. Is there a way for you to put a soft white mat that says "UNBOX THERAPY" just to look more professional and take care of the devices? even if you want to give them away people will know you care more about them, and when handling this kind of devices like disposable rubber gloves? pro as f'ck

  • chan

    I used to hate those pop-up camera design, but after having watched several reviews I'm impressed OnePlus .

  • chan

    It's 2019 and still ppl talk about headphone jack? get a wireless headphones

  • J Valdes
    J Valdes

    The last time he ever changed his tshirt

  • Kakha Khmelidze
    Kakha Khmelidze

    No wireless charrging in Pro flagship phone. That is utterly ridiculous.

  • Caiozizs

    I buy one, I wait the delivery. Guys what name song the 6:38?

  • John Mwima
    John Mwima

    You don't seem impressed by this phone though in the video

  • Nguyễn Bảo
    Nguyễn Bảo

    how incredible it is for OnePlus to make headlines around the world. Meanwhile, Apple has been slipping to its bottom position as fast as I slip my naked ass down a wet slide.

  • Jai J
    Jai J

    15:58 Lew was in a hurry. Snapdragon 86..55 xD


    Why do I need this phone, if I’m not a selfie person or not interested in setting front camera for face unlock?

  • Ziko Pastoft
    Ziko Pastoft

    In Denmark it costs about 825 USD. A lot of money. But compared to how much phone you get compared to a phone from samsung and apple at that price point, it's absolutely mad lad cheap. :O

  • TheRichie213

    It looks good except for that selfie thing that pops out. I don't like moving parts.

  • Lovrec

    Unbox thearpy sold out long time ago

  • XIKaMuIX

    > Never taking selfies. > No notch. > Already owns wireless headphones. Sold.