Surprise me


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  • Evelyn Rodriguez
    Evelyn Rodriguez

    Ni a los talones le llega esa casa a la que están asiendo la ace family lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • guadalupe ceballos
    guadalupe ceballos

    lol meeee!!! I never use our dishwasher lol, my parents never taught me how to do use it😂😂 Siempre lavando a mano! Congrats on the beautiful house Les & Alex

  • Paty Sanchez
    Paty Sanchez

    Congrats les n Alex !! You guys are amazinggg, stay humble. Love you guys 🥰

  • Celena Gallegos
    Celena Gallegos

    girl how ?? did you buy or mortgage?...everyone buying these beautiful homes and I'm just like how I get on that bandwagon as a sahm? lol

  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres

    I have a dishwasher but I use it to store my reusable grocery bags and extra dish sponges...everyone thinks I’m weird for not using it for its purpose 😂

  • paskiss

    Love it! It’s beautiful. congratulations!!!

  • Andreana Pellman
    Andreana Pellman

    All my apartments have a dishwasher and I never used any of them. I have a brand new one currently and don't plan on ever using it. Lol

  • Karen Gonzalez
    Karen Gonzalez

    You already know they both grew up with Mexican parents 😂 andddd this is their first home 😂 pretty nice though that’s going to be me in a year or so 😂

  • K D.
    K D.

    Lesss can you do a video on the cápsulas vibora de cascabel! On how you used them. I finally got them but don’t know what to do with them lol or does anyone remember her talking about them on her lives

  • Sujey Parker
    Sujey Parker

    That’s a beautiful home 🏡 congratulations to the both of you. 💕

  • Esmi Vargas
    Esmi Vargas

    I love how excited both of yall are ♡♡ Congrats, les deseo lo mejor!