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Video: "Please Don't Make Me Eat Anymore" | Kitchen Nightmares

VIDEO: 'Please Don't Make Me Eat Anymore' | Kitchen Nightmares
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  • cdragonVII

    The best part about these videos is the awkward cut away with the dramatic music at the end

  • General Kawasaki
    General Kawasaki

    Gordon: your food is sooo bland...the only thing my taste buds enjoyed was the taste of the spoon itself

  • emo elyse
    emo elyse

    this is the most respectful owner I've watched so far

  • James Morris
    James Morris

    I really don't get having your own restaurant and not having a menu full of stuff you like and actually look forward to sampling regularly for quality control.

  • Jodonore 2.0
    Jodonore 2.0

    "He comes to my house and embarasses me" You're in the service industry you mongrel, if your service is shit, it's shit

  • Tobi Salako
    Tobi Salako

    It's all downhill after they lie about the "fresh" crab meat 😂

  • Thomas Carey
    Thomas Carey

    I could literally sit all day an watch Gordon insult people very pleasing lmao 😂💀 it's hilarious when they go I hope he likes the food uh he's obviously there for a reason your food sucks lol

  • Jessica CD
    Jessica CD

    Starting at 1:44, Gordon's comment to the camera man is pure gold at the end of the scene

  • Alan Herrera
    Alan Herrera

    Hi guys, can you help me figure out which episode this is? I tried to read the waiters tag, but I could read it.

  • Rachel

    2:07 - 2:09 "People actually enjoy it." Meanwhile, Gordon looks like he's regretting every single life choice that has brought him to this point.

  • lisa

    to be fair the stuff in that plastic thing did look like ---

  • Holden Rowe (Student)
    Holden Rowe (Student)

    **Looks straight into the camera** *”Please don’t make me eat anymore of this sh*t”*

  • Bisqwit

    As entertaining as these clips are, they always seem to lack the resolution. Same formula: Gordon comes and identifies the problem and insults everyone and as a result, everyone is angry. The end. Is something maybe missing?

  • Ismael Soto
    Ismael Soto

    Why does Gordon Ramsay always order risotto?

  • Elliott Cole
    Elliott Cole

    Ismael Soto cuz at least it won’t be ROAAAAR

  • Show William
    Show William

    Who serve food in plastic bag😅😅😅😅😕😕😕