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Video: "Please Don't Make Me Eat Anymore" | Kitchen Nightmares

VIDEO: 'Please Don't Make Me Eat Anymore' | Kitchen Nightmares
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  • 90's barb
    90's barb

    my heartbeat intensifies even when he takes a sip of water

  • Jus300

    When he ordered he said, "risotto" lika Japanese samurai warrior

  • coolguy 66
    coolguy 66

    Umm why do you have a oil funnel for a salad

  • Cast Chan
    Cast Chan

    They think they can disrespect Gorden? Ha. Fools.

  • cody 101
    cody 101

    Y is chewing gum bad as long as he's not smacking his mouth and shit who cares I'd rather have clean breath then stinky

  • M Y
    M Y

    Basically he said I'm an infant who can't accept critism and view the bigger picture why why his food is shit

  • veegtec

    Was the chef a mechanic? 😂

  • Willz __
    Willz __

    Always frozen microwaved food, and they all hope "PLEASE I HOPE HE LIKES SOMETHING" and when he doesn't they cant understand how or why there food is crap.. Another moron goomba who would rather get offended then actually listen and agree. If you took fecal mater and put it on a plate, he would get offended if you say it taste like shit. Oh well poor you, its not about you it's about food quality and the customers you prick.

  • kjl

    Death Taxes "I'll have the crab cakes"

  • mykylc

    03:50 The waiter said what???? Well there you have it...the food is bland, sucks, is horrible...all because of the waiter.

  • Sean Mulholland
    Sean Mulholland

    Gordon: is that gum In your mouth? Waiter: why yes Gordon: it Looks bloody Bland

  • rqbbo

    he’s never happy like ever

  • Leodor

    which episode and season. ANyone plz


    I think it's weird when people open a restaurant and aren't in love with food. Like this guy just seems like he's there to tell people what to do and doesn't even know what food tastes like.