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Video: Put a Spoon Of Sugar In Your Backyard, See What Happens Next

VIDEO: Put a Spoon Of Sugar In Your Backyard, See What Happens Next
02/10/2019 09:08 4.2K 222 180.2K

As soon as it gets warm outside, try leaving a spoonful of sugar in your backyard or on your balcony. This simple action may seem meaningless at first sight, but it has the potential to save people from starvation!

The thing is that bees feed a whopping 90% of the world's population! But nowadays, these colorful insects are dying out at an alarming speed. Sir David Attenborough, a famous zoologist, is sure that if bees went extinct, people wouldn't survive longer than 4 years. In this video, you'll find out why bees are that important for human beings...

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Why are bees dying out? 1:04
How can you help the buzzers to survive? 3:31
Why are bees so important? 5:01
Several astounding bee facts 6:47

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- In the US alone, the honey bee population has dropped by almost 25% since 1990. The most significant decrease happened in the last 5 years when the number of bees reduced by a third.
- Scientists have drawn a connection between the disappearance of honey bees and global warming. Due to this massive climate change, flowers start to bloom earlier. When bees wake up from hibernation, some flowers have already finished blooming.
- The reason for Colony Collapse Disorder could also lie in the loss of the honey bee habitat. People abandon farms, grow crops in a way that doesn't leave any space for wildlife, or plant flowers that are harmful to pollinators.
- However, a solution of water and sugar can help an exhausted bee to recover. To prepare this sweet drink, you'll need to mix one tbsp of water and 2 tbsp of granulated white sugar. Pour this concoction into several little plates or spoons, and leave them somewhere outside where bees will be able to reach the food.
- One-third of all the food on the planet depends on how well bees work. They pollinate more than 80% of flowering plants. In the US, these little critters pollinate up to 75% of vegetables, fruits, and nuts and more than 80% of all crops.
- Some products, such as almonds, can be pollinated exclusively by honey bees. The Californian almond industry needs about 1.4 million bee colonies every year.
- In its whole lifetime, the average honey bee will only make one-twelfth of a tsp of honey.
- Although a bee has a brain similar in size to a sesame seed, it can remember and learn a lot of new things. It regularly makes complex calculations on the efficiency of its foraging and the distance it's traveled
- When a honey bee locates a promising source of nectar, it returns to the hive. There, it "dances" in front of its mates. By doing this, the bee explains the exact position of the flower.

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    Hey there, what´s your favorite thing in your backyard?

  • Minyoung Ali
    Minyoung Ali

    Really? White sugar? Bleached sugar for honeybees?

  • Bal Loney
    Bal Loney

    your balcony can be your backyard... fill it will flower plants to help the bees.


    I don't have a backyard or a balcony,I live in a apartment building in a city

  • Loving Life
    Loving Life

    BRIGHT SIDE the bees. Lots of them on my cherry tree. And on flowers around. They fly for sugar water mix that I am doing for last 3 y. All over around the house. Nothing makes me more happy & be satisfied. Make ma sad that we destroy them with our sell phone radiation 😪 Brigth side, you have 23 MLN subscribers. Good work. Maybe will be good idea to make a separate video to explain people better and to ask them to place sugar/water mix to feed and help our bees? Just my thought ....

  • Minty Mango
    Minty Mango

    But what are we gonna do about the pesticides?!

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    Heyy I know that nobody will read this but for one percent who reading this, if just a single person reads this it will really make my day! Have a great life and good luck in the future. I know fame doesn’t happen overnight but I am trying my hardest to become a successful youtuber. Wish me and help me get to 20 subs. I have 9. 😿😭😿

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  • R Ash
    R Ash

    I have 'meat bees' or Californa wasp's and I have two traps for them. Sugar in my backyard will sustain the wrong creature unfortunately.

  • Gamer M31
    Gamer M31

    We need to help the bees to stay alive

  • Marie-Therese Hediger
    Marie-Therese Hediger

    Funny, the role of E-smog seems to rest still completely underestimated.... it is not even mentioned here?!

  • Pete .Barrett
    Pete .Barrett

    you should read the mating habit of the Queen and what happens to the drone (male bee) after.... ouch

  • Ron Weasley
    Ron Weasley


  • contrarian duude
    contrarian duude

    Bees also have drones. How do we know their not planning to go to war?

  • Anurag Gupta
    Anurag Gupta

    I would rather see a flock of ants and other insects, with that spoon of sugar.


    I put a spoon full of sugar in my backyard *seconds later i checked back in my dog is playing with it* *it makes sense i guess*

  • Mimi Chan
    Mimi Chan

    Well i just planted flowers the favorite colors of bees i saw one bee is suffocating i left some water and sugar and it just received!

  • Princess K
    Princess K

    Thank you 😊 for this information about 🐝 bees. I think 🤔 I will put the sugary serum plastic spoons 🥄 in my flower 🌸 pots or beds. Because if i put the spoons directly on the lawn, ants 🐜 will eat their sugary snack 😉

  • xiong jing
    xiong jing

    What a clickbait! It should be titled "Facts about honey bees and how to save it".