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Video: Recreating Discontinued Burger King Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

VIDEO: Recreating Discontinued Burger King Menu Items (TASTE TEST)
11/08/2018 12:36 49K 1.3K 2.9M

We've recreated discontinued menu items from Burger King! Should pizza burgers come back, or stay right where they are?  GMM #1418

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Comments (5,154)
  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez

    Burger King actually had hard shell tacos. I'm not sure if they are still on the menu but I used to order them all the time. I was actually really fond of them maybe because I am now know as tacoman by my friends but I honestly really liked them

  • Actually_ash

    im aussie sand we have hungry jacks wich is burger king for aussies but has the same menu

  • Pawel 26
    Pawel 26

    I am pretty sure target sells mac and cheetos

  • burak demirbulakli
    burak demirbulakli

    The BK in my town is set up kind of like an old school diner with stars on the walls with different celebs. Plus it has an arcade and jukebox

  • Big J
    Big J

    Bk needs to bring back the mac n cheetos and the whopperito. It needs to happen!

  • david lardin
    david lardin

    I found this podcast by accident and watch episodes everyday!!! Please do more blind taste test I love that thank u!!!

  • Claire Eyles
    Claire Eyles

    How on earth do people not remember the Yumbo? The Australian 'Hungry Jacks' version was different (2 slices of melted cheese, 5 slices of hot ham on a sesame bun - put all of it together and microwave in a styrofoam container for about 40 seconds, from memory) but man the Yumbo is like legendary. I'm still trying to figure out a way to use the 'we'll make it your way' slogan to get them to actually make me a Yumbo next time I'm down at Hungry's. They won't bring it back, there has to be a way to still make them make one regardless.

  • Bryan  Parkhurst
    Bryan Parkhurst

    U forgot the angus burger is has mushroom with melted mozzarella cheese and it was the best burger in bk

  • Rose Red
    Rose Red

    we still have the Mac and cheese Cheetos things

  • AngelMine345

    Does anyone remember when Jack in the Box had cheesesticks tho (do they have those still?)