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Video: Scientists Found Forests Under the Arctic Ice, They Were Shocked

VIDEO: Scientists Found Forests Under the Arctic Ice, They Were Shocked
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The Arctic is all about ice and cold. If you get a chance to visit it, you won’t see much other than ice, snow and bare rocks for miles and miles. In summer, there's a midnight sun that brings constant light, but not warmth: the temperature doesn’t rise above 40 degrees.

The only plants are mosses and lichen, and the only locals are polar bears, reindeer and some species of birds. Maybe the jungle is hidden beneath the ice then? Indeed, divers have found sponges of different shapes and colors here – sometimes as high as 6.5 ft.

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Harsh conditions of the Arctic 0:29
Where are the jungles? 1:18
How do they not freeze to death? 3:04
What do they eat? 4:44
How long do they live? 5:49
Why are kelps important? 6:57
Other changes taking place in the Arctic 9:09

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-The Arctic is one of the least welcoming places for life on the whole planet. And there are very few species who’ve managed to adapt to such harsh living conditions.
-While Arctic land is too harsh, the coastal waters thrive with life. There are dense forests of kelp, some of which reach a length of 49 ft.
-Most creatures living on the sea bottom are ectothermic, which means their temperature totally depends on the temperature of their environment. Some fish and animals produce their own “antifreeze”.
-The Arctic species mostly feed on plants and dead animal leftovers that fall from above in the summer. When the sea freezes again, they turn on the energy-saving mode.
-Arctic species live up to 70 years, and the species from warmer seas - only 5-10 years.
-The growth of kelps will create new shelters and habitats for fish and other sea creatures. Kelps are also important for the economy. They’re rich in ferrum, calcium and iodine, which makes them popular as a source of food. Kelps can be used for other purposes too – say, as fertilizer.
-The territory of ever-frozen land in Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Norway and Siberia is getting smaller by 1.5 ft a year. The melting of permafrost and the destruction of the Arctic coast block the light, which, in its turn, causes a reverse process that can stop the kelps from growing.

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    Hey there, BrightSiders! Would you like to get lost in the jungle and feel like in Jumanji for just one day?

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    Roopal Panchal

    Yes but only if the creatures are friendly with me otherwise I will never live in a jungle Mr. Bright Side

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    The Bluecollar Badass

    The title of this video is deceptive you should clarify it's underwater life a forest is on land stop with the clickbait

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    not so obvious

    Um,lightbulb doesn’t appear to be on point with the words🤔

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    Thee Big Chungus

    Dosent this remind anybody of ice age the movie How about subnautica below zero

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    Michael Pondo

    I think its great that we can see what existed before our world.

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    Umm you got ur numbers right for temps? -76 F? lol

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    WetBob SpongePants

    0:08 - Since when was the Arctic a continent? The Antarctic, yes but NOT the Arctic.

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    The Jellyfish reminds me of the Republican party LOL

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    Kelp! Somebody kelp! Im disappearing .🌐

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    I feel like I was watching the Jurassic Park info video 🤣😁 Awesome info tho thank you

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    Nileist 666

    the arctic is a huge continent??? yikes...

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    Mike Louis

    You caught that too. I had to check to see if this was about ANTARTICA. Now thats a continent.

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    Aye Haf

    Death valley is harsh place In the world so ehat about yalking about that????

  • Oratio G
    Oratio G

    I have never heard people speak of KELPS. It is called KELP (confirmed by Wikipedia, dictionary, etc.) I love diving in kelp forests. In our ocean the kelp has long stems/trunks with long leaves on the top which forms a thick canopy. Diving with scuba gear is awesome because it is like "flying" through a forest (imagine a pine forests) that is teaming with life. You can obviously also snorkel dive it when spearfishing, catching abalone and Cape Rock lobster. The forest I dive in is in the Atlantic ocean on the west coast of South Africa and is 1000km long but only around 100m wide. It extends across the border along the rocky coastline of Namibia.

  • Kaynat Tahir
    Kaynat Tahir

    The 4°C temperature under rivers in coldest areas is maintained ..Inspite of ice over animals and plants can survive under water because of this temp...