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Video: Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission FIRST IMPRESSIONS

VIDEO: Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission FIRST IMPRESSIONS
04/11/2019 13:16 1.1K 49 28.5K

EARLY Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission REVIEW from the SWITCH as I give you my INITIAL thoughts on Dragon Ball Heroes ON SWITCH. Is Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission a GOOD game?



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Comments (253)
  • worgegramsci105

    This is everything I DON'T want in a Dragon Ball game. Hard pass.

  • Pony Nerd
    Pony Nerd

    i lovin DB Heroes WM love all the crazy battles and im a fan of Stradtgey Games so yeah im lovin it

  • K Dogg
    K Dogg

    It suck plain and simple,that's why it's on Nintendo switch I will stay with fighterz

  • NeoSonic19

    As I play the game, I've already noticed the gameplay repetition during Chapter 2. I do enjoy playing as the Heroes-exclusive characters and unlocking everybody by spending the Gacha Tickets any chance I get. I tend to mix up different character (I do keep in mind about the 3 classes). I believe that some bosses are unfair in difficulty (via Cell-X and Golden Frieza, Sealas and Ahms, SSJ3 Broly). Final thoughts: I'll still play it mainly for the content, I also love the box art cover for this game (it's up there with Xenoverse 2).

  • oyola

    You need to leave the dragonball video game talk to rhyme style just stick to db news

  • Cody Brain
    Cody Brain

    Im gonna wait until it goes on sale tbh

  • Diego Medina
    Diego Medina

    A.K.A the game is really shallow and people only like it because they didn't had it.

  • Gonzalo Nieto
    Gonzalo Nieto

    the thing that gets me about this game is the lack of pre sdbh content. the missions would be impossible to port, but at least give us the cards


    I got the game and love it i've been playing it a lot i'm so happy one of the Heroes games finally came outside of Japan.


    I can't buy it right now , The money I have Goes to Days Gone so Maybe next time . Even Do me Trying to Think Very hard about the things i do the team i use all That Stuff that you said , Normally those things turn me off of games very fast . but i love heroes lore i seen Every Video Of you Explaining it and i wish To play with those kind of characters , so that is one of the reasons i want this game .

  • Jonathan Silva
    Jonathan Silva

    You don’t know what you taking about when comes to these kind of games. I rather listen to the people who played these kinds of games like d free rhymestyle da truth nano and according to them this game is so good. Just stick to anime and movies thanks bye

  • Mark Nissan
    Mark Nissan

    Just got this game today, I’m so excited for this game. I’ve been following this game and to me I get a Dokkan Battle/Legends vibe which I enjoy

  • teckwire

    Not buying until there's a PlayStation 4 version.

  • Spirits 2024
    Spirits 2024

    My problem with the game is this. Its 2019 I know it was made back in like 2010 or 2012 but why does it have budokai 2 graphics??? Like what

  • Archangel 777
    Archangel 777

    You should cover future releases for the sh figuarts line