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Video: Testing Crazy Medieval Treatments

VIDEO: Testing Crazy Medieval Treatments
10/10/2018 15:00 24K 759 1.3M

We're bringing back the craziest medieval treatments we could find, and testing how they would handle today's messes.  GMM #1397

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Comments (2,659)
  • Grace Taylor
    Grace Taylor

    rhett had me in tears through this whole episode oh my gOD he was really all in huh

  • Mikael

    Urine is not sterile. look it up.

  • Toady 3.14
    Toady 3.14

    Rhett: puts cat poop on arm Cat poop: does nothing Medieval times: you fool, you fell victim to one of the classic blunders!

  • prophet760

    please put on a mask when you crush dry poop they could have worm spores grinding it makes it airborne where you breath it and boom worms in your butt nah son love ya guys trying to keep core larva free

  • william altpeter
    william altpeter

    Don't ask how i know... but you used charcoal, not ash. The Ammonia in the Urine mixes with ash. Also, Rhett's Urine is opaque. He should probably go get checked.

  • Allison L
    Allison L

    I don’t know how or why I still find these men attractive

  • Fisting Gorilla
    Fisting Gorilla

    Same, and I hate Norvasc suspensions. Could Lupin make the tablets any harder to crush?

  • anthony venturella
    anthony venturella

    This is easily The Best episode !! I ‘urinated’ my pants. Great job.

  • Feffnirsbane

    thats Coal not ashes, ashes are white. and ashes makes soap, oh and most people that survived childhood became 70 - 80

  • Monkey Bubbles
    Monkey Bubbles

    Gotta love how they used activated charcoal to “blacken” their teeth... but activated charcoal is actually a teeth whitener by itself! 😂😂😂😂 I use it every day instead of bleaching my teeth. It whitens then TREMENDOUSLY!!! My teeth are about 5 shades whiter than they were before I started brushing with charcoal. It HAS to be ACTIVATED CHARCOAL though. Not just regular charcoal.

  • Nissa S.
    Nissa S.

    When they said ashes I thought they meant human ashes...

  • Kayla Palmer
    Kayla Palmer

    I don't know whether to be more disturbed by the fact that they put cat poop and vinegar on his arm, or that they peed in a jar... Only after the crew wouldn't.

  • FallenAngel 69
    FallenAngel 69

    I can honestly say I'm a pharmacy technician and yes I have used a mortar and pestle

  • Thea U.
    Thea U.

    This further proves that there is nothing that rhett and link won't do for a video