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Video: "That's The Saddest Excuse For A Pizza I've Ever Seen In My Entire Life" | Kitchen Nightmares

VIDEO: 'That's The Saddest Excuse For A Pizza I've Ever Seen In My Entire Life' | Kitchen Nightmares
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  • Jada Love
    Jada Love

    I wonder sometimes if customers just know Gordon and a camera crew are there so they want to be as difficult as possible

  • Memic

    Half Toppings Half White Paint *Seems legit*

  • jordan gervais
    jordan gervais

    2:49 hahaha omg im dying the sound effect, these editors great!!

  • iluminacho

    Bruh, imagine going to a local restaurant after knowing Gordon Ramsay is there? Buffoons. You go after he _leaves_ . If he is there it's because that restaurant serves food poisoning take-away

  • Danny Bregman
    Danny Bregman

    2:36 the guy knows he's on tv and has to shit on the food so he's like "uhh too garlicky" like excuse me that's a compliment

  • Yesenia Garcia
    Yesenia Garcia

    How bad must the food be for people to send it back to be thrown away and leave? I've gone to eat at places where the food wasn't the best, but I still ate it to not waste food and since I was already there......lord I can just imagine

  • tailsko tails
    tailsko tails

    In the weeks that followed they kept Gordon's changes and won a barbecue competition with their signature sauce. Yelp reviews after filming are mixed. Willy's closed on 4th February 2009, with food prices increasing and customers decreasing, they had the choice of cutting the quality or closing. A coffee shop opened in its place but closed and the building was demolished in 2015. Rick and Tricia also closed their restaurant Damon's Grill and Rick is now working in restoring and selling classic cars.

  • Mrs.Nickadeemus

    This show would be interesting if everything wasn't 100% scripted and fake. The sad thing is that they could make a 100% authentic show similar to this that would get good ratings but nowadays everything is shit; TV shows, movies, music...etc. In the 90's they had good scary movies, funny movies, good music that actually meant something, TV shows that were not 100% scripted. This show is faker than the WWF.

  • Adam Edward
    Adam Edward

    2:04 is it standard practice to squeeze a sandwitch to death


    The saddest in entire my life for watching how many food throwing into bin 😅😅😅

  • Next Up Sounds
    Next Up Sounds

    Im multiple videos in to a deep Gordon Ramsey spiral RN

  • Gbone Philly
    Gbone Philly

    So dude that said it is "eye opening" wants to put all the blame on the owner. never noticed a problem before Gordan came? Typical pass the buck behavior

  • Eunji Park
    Eunji Park

    How come the restaurant looks busy full of customers?? 🤔

  • U Gee
    U Gee

    Well give it to me I'll feed it to my dog but I don't think he'll get it😂