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Video: The Broly Arc

VIDEO: The Broly Arc
02/06/2019 18:44 4.3K 179 147.5K

Exclusive access to LIVE interactive panel with Chris Sabat hosted by ME!: | Will Dragon Ball Super Broly BECOME an arc in Dragon Ball Super? Will Dragon Ball Super Broly Be RETOLD and should it be? If Dragon Ball Super Broly is REDONE in Dragon Ball Super, what should they do differently? Me and Jax talk about it! Jax:



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Comments (1,431)
  • John Connor
    John Connor

    Geekdom101 no not really leave the movie as the main story of broly and only do a arc if there a story for broly or leave the movie alone and only do the hour script that the creator did that they cut most of the stuff out of the final movie of y’all understand what I mean but leave the movie alone and do a arc that isn’t entirely on broly only but on everyone with broly being bring in to the middle of the arc.

  • komodo eightyfour
    komodo eightyfour

    @Geekdom101 you remember when kakarotto and Vegeta are sparring on Beerus' planet they exchange blows fist to fist and goku gives him the sync he tapped into goku as he was also one to help goku reach god form! At that moment they connect it goes NEGATIVE Picture and after that vegeta shows SS blue form

  • Marisu

    Geekdom101 Could you please do a video on the Vic Mignona controversy sometime soon? There’s so much noise right now and you’re the only person I trust to report the news objectively.

  • Ruben Pacheco
    Ruben Pacheco

    So since Paragus says that Broly was able to use the power you gain from being a great ape and make it his own, does that mean that the form he had with the green glow is SSJ4?

  • Cassio Cabrera
    Cassio Cabrera

    Just an observation. Geekdom says, that the explanation for Vegeta and Goku didn't mention anything about Kale when they saw Broly's transformation, was because Toriyama did not create her. That is true, but if that is the case, then maybe the movie wouldn't show Kefla, which Kale is a fusee. Even if was the movie staff that decided to put that image there without being in Toriyama's script, why wouldn't they add a line or two for them to say "Oh! He's like Kale!". Doesn't make much sense.

  • Michael Jacobs
    Michael Jacobs

    I hope this isn't adapted into the anime. There's no point in wasting time on having them animate the same thing twice. Just make the movie required watching and do a recap of the movie in the "Last time on Dragon Ball Super" segment at the beginning of the episode. Treat the entire Broly movie as an extended episode. Episode 132.

  • Ken Pearson
    Ken Pearson

    Not sure if this is relevant but something I want back in the series are the sound effects from the originals. I know the dudes busy on one piece. But every time i hear them there. I just think they should be on Super.

  • Erol Asan
    Erol Asan

    Yamoshi special...we need a hecking Yamoshi Special!!!!

  • Jared s.
    Jared s.

    I think strong arc contenders would be -Saiyan heritage arc: Bardock rebellion and young vegeta -saiyan training arc: broly gaining ssj4 but not really, more like a legendary super saiyan god form, uni 11 saiyans Time skip ( start retconning gt into super) *goku and vegeta gone for training* -black dragon ball search but turn gohan into a kid and use the uni 11 saiyans + gohan/pan for the search - Baby arc to introduce uub as a candidate for GoD -World tournament arc, return of goku and vegeta -freeza arc, return and revenge for broly -Omega shenron stuff -El grande padre Maybe throw in an android 21 movie somewhere

  • George Jacovou
    George Jacovou

    The film covers alot of past events and back story which I believe are going to be difficult to represent in the anime, so as much as I would like to see more in depth lore and look at it, I don't know if it would work very well. Although I would definitely like to see brolys final form transformation emphasised a lot more and be more epic, which i feel was definitely missing as well as great ape stuff and how ikari was achieved.

  • John Enciso
    John Enciso

    Have you heard that the broly voice actor has been fired for sexual harrassment

  • Hellstormangel

    I would not mind a broly arc (if and only if done correctly). By correctly, I mean all of those plotholes glossed over in the movie would be mended, and if it was not just a re-telling of the movie (ie. add something more).

  • unso

    Broly likes candy , Boo makes people into candy .. we have a new arc !!!!!!!!

  • Armed Astronaut JM-83
    Armed Astronaut JM-83

    By the multiverse I hope they dont retail the Broly movie. The movie is good inuf move on.

  • PlagueOfGripes

    I imagine having no reference to Kale is more a result of having the script refined. Marvel/DC films also generate this conversation a lot, but - When telling a story for general audiences in cinema, your script should be tight and to the point. If you bring up characters, events, or references, they should be there for a reason. Otherwise you confuse people who aren't inundated with information about the setting. If you mention Kale, do you then explain who Kale was to the audience? Does that require an additional scene or more dialogue to elaborate on the reference? Is mentioning her even important to the story at all? Or is it just something an existing fan would recognize and understand either way? In this context, bringing it up serves no practical purpose in telling Broly's story, and would only be fan service that muddies the script. Or Toriyama forgot. Either explanation is totally 100% plausible.

  • Jason Leavitt
    Jason Leavitt

    Please no retelling of the movie.. we just need a after movie Broly arc.. like training with Goku an Vegeta and getting his power under control stuff in that nature. And becoming apart of the z team..that's what I would like to see.

  • AnaboliChris

    Do video on brolys power up compared to Ssj4 which is what it's basically based on.

  • Brian Ford
    Brian Ford

    If we do get a retelling I wouldn't want an arc but maybe a DVD scrapped scenes or maybe an extended version. However, after the first two arcs retelling I would rather them just say go watch the movie