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Video: The Dragon Ball Community, Geekdom101 and Kamehacon 2019

VIDEO: The Dragon Ball Community, Geekdom101 and Kamehacon 2019
04/18/2019 11:49 1.9K 52 27.2K

The Truth about Kamehacon 2019 and Geekdom101 . Kamehacon 2 is OVER and we talk about the Dragon Ball Community, the STORY of Kamehacon 2 and why it meant so much.



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Comments (498)
  • Mez

    Would have liked to have finally met you, Kairi, and the rest in person but yeah, I wanted to avoid any potential conflict. Glad it all went well, though! Maybe next year I'll go

  • Magan Hassan
    Magan Hassan

    No idea what the big issues are with the dragon ball community lol sad to see people poisoning fan communities including dragon ball.

  • Shane Wright
    Shane Wright

    Dude! If Scott McNeil came to my birthday party, I would consider my life complete. I'm glad this event turned out to be a great time for you, and that you have come so far. You worked hard, and you deserve it.

  • CaptKarmaPR SFIVCE
    CaptKarmaPR SFIVCE

    Thx to this video im back. Trying to stay away from all the drama made me unsubscribe from all DB channels. Geekdom will be my only source of DB for a while.

  • The Filthiest Casual
    The Filthiest Casual

    7:30. Dude, holy shit... my ex told me that for similar reasons. It made me feel like I wasn't worthy of love or anything of the sort. I was single for 5 years because of it. Fuck.... this hit home. Don't ever let some cammeltoe doucheKnuckle tell you your self worth <3

  • boom diggity
    boom diggity

    I cant believe it's been 4 years dude. Congrats man. I've been around from the beginning and time flys when your having fun right

  • CatandBonez

    You should not have freinds on both sides. Middle ground is a falsity its gone too far to entertain those delusions. The lawsuits and jailtime are comeing choose your freinds carefully.

  • ZenRyoku

    G money!!! Happy Birthday bro...

  • chrisophter roberts
    chrisophter roberts

    Happy birthday danny and thank you so much for helping me with my anxiety man.

  • Chawkeen Graham
    Chawkeen Graham

    We all appreciate the work you put in to give us this content. We’re grateful and enjoy what you do for the Dragonball community! Never doubt that, thanks man.

  • Mike J
    Mike J

    Happy Birthday my guy! Dope to see that I’m subscribed to a fellow Gen’s BBQ fan ✊🏾Hopefully I can make kamehacon 3 and support you guys & gals next time. Keep doing what you’re doing. There’s gonna always be negativity just don’t let anyone suck you into their misery. We have similar issues we’re working through so just know you’re not alone in this struggle we call life. There’s always someone worse off and it’s never as bad as your mind might try to make it seem. Keep pushing my man. & to everyone who reads this, God bless whether you believe or not, I pray for your success however you define it & don’t let anyone kill your vibe or take your joy. Stay positive & live your best life. 🙏🏾

  • jon stetzel
    jon stetzel

    thanks for everything you put up it does help with a lot of things bro look into self forgiveness it is the hardest thing i have ever done but as i learned life started to come easy. i lost everything recently thats y i missed kameha con. been a work but im ready to move on

  • Fitsthatmean27

    Happy birthday from Scotland geekdom. You are one of those who keep the love of dragonball alive and well. Thank you for your great work.

  • Enigmo

    I'm glad you didn't fall into the peer pressure, from people like Terez, to abandon the con. You had your eyes set on a goal to do a good thing for as many fans as you could and stuck to it. Very commendable.

  • 8

    I suffer from a similar problem Geekdom. Its also hard for me understanding sometimes why people like me. Its like I have a barrier. Like this is too much love I dont feel like I deserve this. But I think its a slow processes that you have to work on every day putting these thoughts of self love in little by little just like building muscles. Sure it can feel unnatural but everything new does. Thank you for being serious and caring and fun. Being my main source of DB news no other DB channel can compete! Thank you! And good luck with your future work/ future self! Love ya

  • Carlos Roshi
    Carlos Roshi

    PHAC i can't believe It missed this 2 years in a row!