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Video: The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off | Adam Ruins Everything

VIDEO: The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off | Adam Ruins Everything
12/05/2018 05:33 65.5K 4.3K 3.8M

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Comments (7,341)
  • Caleb Tan
    Caleb Tan

    But Casper can give back your money

  • Khaos Dragon
    Khaos Dragon

    When I was younger I removed the mattress tag and got scared

  • _Edvin_

    Ya'll never heard of IKEA? They're so big they have made their own mattress "industry" no affected by the normal industry

  • Chad Has AIDS
    Chad Has AIDS

    I'm Piss Poor So I Just Go To A Thrift Store And Purchase One Afterwards I Boil Hot Water All Over The Mattress Dry In The Sun And Walla!

  • ProducingErin

    A lot of the mattress companies online come with a sleep on it for 100 nights and return it free policy too, so you can kind of comparison shop? And it is more convenient so you might as well buy online. Way better to have box shipped to your door than lug home a mattress. He should’ve talked about how box springs are bs too

  • Nunyo Bidness
    Nunyo Bidness

    Waterbeds are the BEST. Cheaper and they’re so comfortable. Can’t have them everywhere, but these crappy Casper and other makers have killed waterbeds. I’m telling you youngins, it’s da SHT

  • Thomas Nichol
    Thomas Nichol

    What about those Purple mattresses that actually look different

  • I Dont Like You
    I Dont Like You

    nightmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa adam.exe has stopped working

  • nintendo9231889

    I buy my mattresses from the trash. Never got a bedbug so far.