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Video: The Universal Conflict Arc Explained

VIDEO: The Universal Conflict Arc Explained
01/10/2019 10:32 2.3K 62 74.3K

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 BEGAN the Universal Conflict Arc and now we have the STORY of this arc and TONS Of information revealed. We find out about the Core Area Warriors vs Universe 6 as we begin the SEQUEL to the Prison Planet Arc. I WISH Dragon Ball Super did this!



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Comments (635)
  • Geekdom101

    UPDATE: Apparently they ARE Tsufurians / Tuffles from Universe 6... or at least Artificial Lifeforms FROM Planet Tuffle/Tsuru. INTERESTING!

  • Vladimir Lenin
    Vladimir Lenin

    I was thinking something along the lines of 17 and 18 corrupted by Baby's race.

  • swuave29

    Hey Geekdom101, thanks for all you do bro. I wanted to ask if you have any insight on the subject of the demon realm or demons in dragonball super?

  • Lyserg1260

    +EL M Kapone Yes, they are like U6 counterpart of Baby

  • Lyserg1260

    They are not Tuffles. Neither Baby was. Machine Mutants are NOT Tuffles They are created by Tuffles + Baby had DNA of Tuffle king

  • digunder14

    Cumber is basically the core area warriors' broly he's a power house of strength

  • Joseph

    yeah they kinda looked like baby

  • Copycat

    That's "???" Character is the girl right beside Zamasu in the poster idk how you didn't notice her lol.

  • George Houliaras
    George Houliaras

    Called it. It was obvious. Just like U6 Saiyans look like shorter U7 Saiyans, these Tuffles look shorter than Baby so them being from U6 is very logical.

  • Keef Stone
    Keef Stone

    Geekdom101 bro im watchin dbs right now at this moment an its the episode where they recruit krillin for the tournament of power.. im on the scene where goku an krillin are both firing off there kamehamehas an i thought wouldnt it be dope if there was a still of them side by side like the father son an have a bestfriend/slash brother one

  • nunezosvaldo13

    Core area warriors Hearts Fused zamasu Cumber Oren Karmin Fu Lagss

  • Q fire
    Q fire

    I wish Goku black came back not merged zamasu

  • Imran G
    Imran G

    Who is stronger? Vegito/Gogeta or Ultra Instinct Goku?

  • A random guy On the internet
    A random guy On the internet

    So is Zamasu a completely different Zamasu? or is he pulled from the main timeline like Xeno Bardock? (that's how he's explained in xv2).

  • kraft matik
    kraft matik

    but tuffles look like people? Baby is an AI too??

  • kurt 91
    kurt 91

    .must want the super dragon balls to overthrow zeno,that's the only way I see lol

  • NeeNee

    That ending of the previous episode was really stupid. They tried to mimic the ending of the Frieza arc where Goku is stuck on an exploding planet Namek, but now that Goku has IT, there's no tension there and he just comes across as acting overly dramatic.

  • Matt Weller
    Matt Weller

    This needs to be a full length anime already, enough with the promotional stuff already

  • Abdullah Hardy
    Abdullah Hardy

    Just imagine them in the tournament of Power!!!!. They should do another tournament of Power , but you can team up with ANYONE FROM ANY UNIVERSE!! , Goku/Vageta/Hit/jarin/Broly!/And BEERUS!!!!

  • gwap01

    Kamin and oren are basically baby 17 & 18

  • Aryan Deshmukh
    Aryan Deshmukh

    Why didnt goku kiaoken and vegeta blue evolution did not showed up in dbs broly movie???

  • Jordin Ward
    Jordin Ward

    I don't think any of the villians know there are two zenos because of goku

  • Crick_ Nerd
    Crick_ Nerd

    We all know at the end Goku gonna showed up In MUI and defeat them arc over

  • STiLife

    I really want super to come back sooner rather than later

  • Ryan Coyle
    Ryan Coyle

    I love it but definstlyvconnot replace super there sre some big continuity issues although hes right the lore alone is worth lets figure out the continuity later

  • sai76

    Is there going to be Ultra Instinct 2 and 3?