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Video: Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica

VIDEO: Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica
02/10/2019 10:08 31.9K 3.5K 2.3M

Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica
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Welcome back everyone. We Have done videos from every single corner of the planet. We covered every country in Europe and most of States and North America. I think we're slowly getting there. One place we haven't touched is Antarctica, why is that? Is it because it's too cold. Well, not anymore, we're going to change that. My name is Danny Burke and this is Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica.

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  • Milan Urbanc
    Milan Urbanc


  • Milan Urbanc
    Milan Urbanc


  • Itz_ Luna Playz
    Itz_ Luna Playz

    Maybe You Can Do One About Bangladesh Urban Legends! If there are 😐

  • George Kincannon
    George Kincannon

    wat...? how is that even POSSABLE?!?! do physics bro just do yo physics.

  • Just Jonas
    Just Jonas

    What about danish urban scary stories

  • Gary Mcatear
    Gary Mcatear

    I'm sorry but i did not find a single thing on this list scary in the slightest, either i have been desensitized to scary stuff or the uploader is a total woos who is scared of his own shadow.

  • BMT115

    At the mountains of madness...

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan

    You haven’t done the Netherlands yet my country

  • Mat Broomfield
    Mat Broomfield

    Wha do I think about the pyramid? I think if the planet's geology experts tell me pyramids are common in nature, I'm going to believe them.

  • Anders see de hui
    Anders see de hui

    Death note's Yagami: i can kill u just write your name. 6:44: *good luck*

  • Outlaw Pug
    Outlaw Pug

    can you talk about scary things found in norway norway?

  • Rylan Curtis
    Rylan Curtis

    Scariest Theory About Sweden. Pewdiepie Was From There... o-o'