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Video: Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

07/09/2019 28:55 445.2K 14K 8.4M

We relived our first bonding experience of all time...


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  • Maria Campos
    Maria Campos

    What if grayson is Claustrophobic because Ethan came out first and left him in the womb by himself. Which means that he was alone for the first time in a dark tight space, it was probably traumatic for him for those 20 minutes. *All I'm trying to say is that MAYBE they were so used to each other (since they developed together) that Grayson most likely acknowledged the absence of his brother. Which then probably freaked him out and caused him to associate that feeling of fear with his then present situation, being in a tight uncomfortable space. I'm pretty sure they at least had knowledged/awareness one another, just like they learn to recognize familiar voices of relatives like their mother and father. But I could be completely wrong. I'm only explaining for those who are curious on how I came up with this thought.*

  • Jennifer P
    Jennifer P

    "And they were wombmates" "My God, they were wombmates" Sorry I had to XD

  • bruh its
    bruh its

    “Ethan?” “Grayson this is my relaxation period you’re not allowed to talk to me...trimester one” 😂😂😂😂

  • Erica Camacho
    Erica Camacho

    You can tell this doctor is wondering what he got himself into. LOL

  • Adventures With Alaura
    Adventures With Alaura

    ethan: slaps plastic ball grayson: stop disrespecting mom ethan: oh, sorry mom😬 ethan: does it again grayson: sToP sMaCkInG MoM!

  • — seobbie
    — seobbie

    imagine just hearing your unborn twins arguing and complaining-

  • Zoe Wheatley
    Zoe Wheatley

    Grayson:stop smacking mom Ethan: sorry 10 seconds later Ethan:smacks the ball Grayson: STOP SMACKING MOM

  • Jenny K
    Jenny K

    You could tell by that doctors face expressions his brain cells were slowly dying with them questions😂😂😂😂

  • leilani lee
    leilani lee

    I love how they say tummies or bellies and not stomach.

  • Gabrielle Bilo
    Gabrielle Bilo

    The Doctor’s face was like “WTF is going on here?” the whole entire time ...

  • sarin telpian
    sarin telpian

    The doctor was basically interviewing idiots😂 he was so weirded out by their questions

  • Aesthetic Bish
    Aesthetic Bish

    That doctor is probably thinking wth are these grown men doing with there lives

  • Ama Sarpong
    Ama Sarpong

    Does anyone notice how Grayson doesn't get claustrophobic in the womb with Ethan but gets claustrophobic when Ethan gets out?

  • Emily Everett
    Emily Everett

    Grayson and Ethan: “We’re gonna create a womb simulator chamber!” The doctor: ........... o k a y

  • Romeo Gomes
    Romeo Gomes

    This is how many time Gray made E mad 👇 👇 👇

  • Grace Noelle
    Grace Noelle

    GRAYSON AND ETHAN:*talk about GRETHAN* Doctor: SuURrEe

  • Shannon Doren
    Shannon Doren

    Ethan:”we probably shouldn’t pee in it” Dr: insert blonde guy blinking meme here “I’m sorry what”

  • BEEP BOOP Vlogz
    BEEP BOOP Vlogz

    The dude said Ethan is more mature HAS HE SEEN THEIR SURVIVAL CHALLENGE