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Video: Ultra Instinct Goku vs Merged Zamasu; Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 Spoilers

VIDEO: Ultra Instinct Goku vs Merged Zamasu; Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 Spoilers
03/07/2019 02:49 1.7K 92 69.3K

Dragon Ball Heroes PROMO ANIME Episode 10 features Goku vs Merged Zamasu, Vegeta vs Hearts possibly and maybe Jiren vs Zamasu or Cumber. QUICK video covering it.



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Comments (479)
  • Daniel Frieka
    Daniel Frieka

    I think they might be on par or Merged Zamasu would be slightly more powerful. Just barely.

  • Chris O'Dowd
    Chris O'Dowd

    Hey geekdom what do you think about the difference in goku’s belt compared to the grand priest. I Ask cuz normally goku rocks his trainers logo

  • DMT Derrick
    DMT Derrick

    Why do people keep acting like jiren being supressed against zamasu means anything? You have to also realize that Zamasu is not in corrupted nor is he in astral form, nor is he even showing any FORM of anger as he did against vegito. Clearly neither of them were using full power at all and Jiren hitting zamasu doesn't mean anything because Jiren wasn't even zamasu's target, it was goku.

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah


  • Travon Tisdale
    Travon Tisdale

    TOTAL FUSION MYTH: Grand Priest Goku + Super Saiyan 4 Goku V.S. FU (ANY POST FORM) + Merged Zamasu or ? A Various Selection ? How you feel about that ? PLUS Goku with Silver Hair FUSED with SS4 would be the like that one image right ?

  • Ayatron34

    Goku does everything while Vegeta stands back and trembles. Yep, that sounds like the Toei that gave us GT.

  • Zane Benton
    Zane Benton

    That was a good episode, lots of excitement right when I thought Vegeta would have to kill himself to win Goku came out of nowhere.

  • Matt Gordon
    Matt Gordon

    Imagine the second last episode hearts is about to kill the omni king in the palace since he can't right and for whatever reason the hakai doesn't work on him this is all after he's killed all of the G.O.Ds and knocked out all of the angel's with Goku Vegeta hit jiren out of the fight right before the omni king dies the big ass doors open and slowly walking in is the grand priest ready to beat the living shit out of hearts. Last episode The Grand priest V Hearts "Godly battle for the multi-verse" basically 10 minutes of the omni king completely destroying hearts with nothing working on the grand priest. Also let's just say hearts is able to absorb the skills and abilities of whoever he defeats so he absorbs ultra instinct from all of the angel's with that big ass thing he's standing on idk let's just say it can happen. I'd nut if at some point the grand priest fights hearts, canon or not tbh

  • DragonBallDave363

    Golden Ape Cumber is the strongest Core Member. Merged Zamasu has immortality and is thus the most durable Core Member. Hearts controls the Universal Seed, and is thus the most powerful of the Core Area members. Jiren should be stronger than Merged Zamasu, but the delinquent Kaioshin should be able to hold his own, and hang due to being immortal. Cumber in his base was at a slight disadvantage against Jiren. As a SSJ3 he was able to twist his arms around like a boy. The same Jiren that interjects between Omen Goku and Merged Zamasu, and knocks the shit out of him. Cumber > Merged Zamasu. No matter how you slice it. Edit: actually Jiren twisted Cumber’s arms around and then kicked him in the stomach. So ya Zamasu did ok, but I wouldn’t say he did better.

  • Sam Typhlosion
    Sam Typhlosion

    My prediction's in the next episode! Jiren Vs SSJ3 Cucumber Goku Vs Hearts & Zamasu Vegeta Vs Oren & Kamin Hit Vs That Mysterious Character.

  • Black ghost
    Black ghost

    Dang @geekdom you can just tell u dont like this show 2 min video lol but appreciate the content anyway i know u doing it for us and that is awesome

  • Drago

    More episodes as hearts sent cumber to universe 3

  • Hshe Whenehs
    Hshe Whenehs

    Bro episode 9 was awesome asl bro I couldn’t contain myself it was super lit I wanna see goku and the grand priest like that in dragon ball super holy snap man I’m so excited 😆 🔥🔥🤩

  • LuhRob Tv
    LuhRob Tv

    Jiren was not taking it to cumber again they was going toe to toe.

  • LuhRob Tv
    LuhRob Tv

    Even cumber said we are evenly match but you can't beat me. Lol if jiren could of beat why he didn't it? Cause cumber been there for a while in universe 11 lol.

  • Chris Cordani
    Chris Cordani

    Since Cumber was sent to Universe 3, what might we see happening there? Perhaps they face off with the Koichiarator? Anilaza again? Or Cumber finds it impossible to infiltrate the Mecha and finds a way to possess Anilaza? Maybe we get to see what Nigrissi can do here.