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Video: We Got Married...(Pt. 2/4)

VIDEO: We Got Married...(Pt. 2/4)
04/13/2019 13:36 50.1K 46.3K 3.6M

The Day i Committed To My Bestfriend!!


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Comments (37,061)
  • Shiro {ngnl}
    Shiro {ngnl}

    There’s barely any people because nobody likes this thot

  • Bailee St.Sauveur
    Bailee St.Sauveur

    there's no way in hell her mother and mikey's dad and mom would let this happen and pretty much dani faked pregnancy and now a wedding she is sooo fake and she lies about her age dani is a faker

  • Stako 17
    Stako 17

    We can all agree earth won't make it to 2050 right

  • diepie

    girl thot boy rich brat

  • Georgia Lane
    Georgia Lane

    Also what We the chances that they will get more kids after the marriage becuase they can't make out any more Like come on

  • Georgia Lane
    Georgia Lane

    Yeah and also you are 16 and just making out in the camera like OMG who agrees

  • Kida Swington
    Kida Swington

    it marriage is faker than y’all friends 💀😂 jp it’s ok my boy mikey is using a girl for clout 😂 jp

  • Angelise Fernandez
    Angelise Fernandez

    if u look up the little vegas chapel were they went to and you will find out if its fake or nah

  • iiiSkyler playz
    iiiSkyler playz

    Marriage? At this age??? Wottttt- My cousin age 25 still haven't got himself a girlfriend •~•

  • Jim Nano
    Jim Nano

    I bet she’s gonna cheat again 😂