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Video: We Got Married...(Pt. 2/4)

VIDEO: We Got Married...(Pt. 2/4)
04/13/2019 13:36 45.9K 38.5K 2.9M

The Day i Committed To My Bestfriend!!


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Comments (39,839)
  • ljglhv

    This is why we need to bring back butt whoopins. The ones that leave marks because obviously she didnt get any

  • Rylee 55
    Rylee 55

    8:45 “you aren’t spouses yet”

  • Fat Chubs
    Fat Chubs

    Danielle is 15... and her boyfriend is 18... *SIR, STEP AWAY FROM THE CAMERA, THIS LOOKS ILLEGAL....*

  • Ava Bruno
    Ava Bruno

    Wait is this the Elvis chapel thing? It was on the news it was being sold

  • Vierasihminen

    0:09 That boy on the left is me watching this hole situation

  • Queen Mya Marie
    Queen Mya Marie

    Back with my “boyfriend” if y’all getting married that’s your fiancé lmao

  • Hope Faulkner
    Hope Faulkner

    Guys this is a place where they take fake wedding pictures for money

  • Anna B.V
    Anna B.V

    “Mikey, do you take Dani as your best friend forever” If this was real, he would have said their whole names and he would have said “wife” instead of “best friend forever” wtf

  • Lucy Kate22
    Lucy Kate22

    She’s pregnant 😂and got married omg same sooo fake 😂😂😂

  • ReloTuff Playz
    ReloTuff Playz

    Yuck I almost puked 🤮but can’t wait till next week to see if they breakup

  • Little body Big heart
    Little body Big heart

    Little Vegas Chapel. It’s a FAKE wedding “chapel” look it up. These dumbasses thought this would raise their status but it just made it worse

  • M Volarevic
    M Volarevic

    Congratulations... To my 13yo sister, for not being like you.

  • Holly Che
    Holly Che

    Lmao poor priest have to give her instruction to what to do 💀😂😂

  • Airam

    Ahora todas las britany's y brayan's se van a casar 😂😄

  • oOble

    Alright so first feel free to like this before you read so it gets seen more But I’m going to discuss why this wedding is completely and utterly fake, a video will also be on my channel so stay tuned, if you look at any other little Vegas Elvis marriage when saying their vows Elvis always says “lawful wedded wife/husband”, instead he says best friend or BFF and then he says I now pronounce you “best friend/best friend so they weren’t technically marriage vowels. Second, there was no clapping a lot of zoning out and do you really think someone like Danielle would get married in the little Vegas chapel with like 6 people in attendance?