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Video: What If We Build A Skyscraper With A Billion Floors?

VIDEO: What If We Build A Skyscraper With A Billion Floors?
03/17/2019 15:08 57K 11.4K 3.2M

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Comments (10,619)
  • BanBan Arneil
    BanBan Arneil

    Ok this is just an advertisement of this mobile game 😂😂

  • Taylor Conway
    Taylor Conway

    Why not a black hole stars give life and energy to the earth

  • Som

    Humans: Let's build a skyscraper to the moon! Meteors: Allow us to introduce ourselfs.


    Imagine the stair case when the elevator breaks down

  • Navajo

    So does this mean that you have to come to work super early if u work on the top floors😂🤣😂

  • MBF

    Not in our life time, good video though.

  • Daniel Munoz
    Daniel Munoz

    This whole video is nonsense. What if my brain just stopped working? What if I was retarded? Oh and dont forget about my Battlefield Legends Game.

  • ViciousDave4Life

    The video just made me think what if we bring water to space? Take water, put some on the moon, and some just in space.

  • shimmy jimmy
    shimmy jimmy

    blatent lie about the ak-47 come on have some respect for your fans...

  • DocDoom777

    Well, lessee now. * A building story is 10.8267716535434 feet. * 1 billion stories = 10,826,771,653.5434 feet * That is 2,050,524.93438 miles. * That is 8.5848 times the average distance of the moon's orbit (238,855 miles). Anybody want to compute the cost and the mass of the gigatower?

  • DocDoom777

    Addendum: the circle defined by a point on the roof has a circumference of 12,883,828.1397 miles. Thus the roof is moving at 536,826.172 MPH. It would be a helluva flyswatter for asteroids.

  • Afghan king
    Afghan king

    If 10 people live on every floor that’s 10 billion people that takes care of the population imagine housing prices will plummet

  • Afghan king
    Afghan king

    This is just an ad that’s all please do not subscribe