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Video: What Your Blood Type Says About Your Personality

VIDEO: What Your Blood Type Says About Your Personality
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Do you know your blood type? 🅾️🅰️🅱️🆎 It can help you improve your health and even save your life in extreme situations. Also, it can say a lot about you personally! Japanese researchers have been studying blood types for decades and have found a surprising connection between a person’s character traits and blood group.

We’re all well-aware that blood has different “types,” but what exactly does that mean? In a nutshell, blood type is based on two things: antibodies and antigens. An antibody is a protein produced by your blood’s plasma that helps your immune system fight different things that make you sick, like bacteria and viruses. Antigens, which are classified as A or B, can be different proteins, carbohydrates, and all sorts of complex biological compounds.

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O-type blood 1:34
A-type blood 2:31
B-type blood 3:49
AB-blood type 5:10
Compatibility horoscope 6:45

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- Japanese experts call people with O-type blood sociable, open-minded, and intuitive. They’re real “people” people and can quickly become the heart of pretty much any conversation.
- Japanese professor Tokeji Furukawa, who published a paper on blood types and personality back in 1927, associated A-type blood with creative and responsible people. Intelligent and persistent, these individuals know what they want and go for it!
- Japanese researchers find people with B-type blood especially fascinating. You're unbelievably creative, fun, and passionate. You have a true power and strength within you, and your energy knows no bounds.
- People with AB blood are believed to be rational and a bit controlling. It's not like they’re gonna start barking orders at you or anything; they just don't like to depend on others. They're the makers of their own fate and their strong-willed personality certainly helps them along the way.
- What’s really interesting about the Japanese blood type personality research is that they have a certain word for every group.

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Comments (6,471)
  • Sitti Suba
    Sitti Suba

    I am an A and imma leader all the times

  • Isabel Bradley
    Isabel Bradley

    Hey could you do one with RH blood types because I am RH+

  • Joshua Hahn
    Joshua Hahn

    O+ yes I've donated blood, that's how i found out what blood type i am.

  • Jaw Prince
    Jaw Prince

    Positive, negative blood group information missing in it

  • Moomoo

    I'm O and I'm definitely not sociable 😂

  • Andreas Dan
    Andreas Dan

    AB- here, hope i dont get Blood loss, here in Denmark

  • Itz_ Skylar
    Itz_ Skylar

    Lol my blood type is AB and the personalities fits me xD

  • sana Khan
    sana Khan

    My friend have AB positive 😡😡😢

  • Cher Deteres
    Cher Deteres

    I don't know my blood type.But my hobby is eating my nails,doing some manirism like sounds of a frog in my lungs,I have 3 talents Dancing,Singing,Rapping and still discovering others,Ang lastly,I eat more food always.

  • H B
    H B

    Absolute garbage. These personality traits are so broad. Just emulates the placebo effect. If you hear someone say something that’s correlated to your blood type, you’ll naturally try to find ways it related to you. If they switched around the personality traits at random, people would still say “omg! Very relatable!”