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Video: WHIS VS BROLY FIGHT in Dragon Ball Super BROLY!?

11/09/2018 12:05 3.3K 172 119.1K

TRY VRV FREE: | Dragon Ball Super Broly TRAILER 3 dropped yesterday and one of the highlights of the FINAL Dragon Ball Super Broly trailer is what LOOKS to be a confrontation: A Broly vs Whis FIGHT? Is this happening in the movie!? MJ: | Kal:



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Comments (1,823)
  • Jesus Aranda
    Jesus Aranda

    All Whis does in the movie is dodge Broly's attacks and laugh at him. Broly couldn't even touch him.

  • pc gamerz
    pc gamerz

    Whis probably just jumps back because a platform he is standing on sinks into the lava lol.

  • sagar koirala
    sagar koirala

    broly actually fought whis but just for a short time but broly couldnt even lay a hand ..whis dodges them all

  • Mau Seluoge
    Mau Seluoge

    Teambroly all day. He's a legendary super saiyan. I wish they'd make a super saiyan devil broly now that would be epic.... Like Devil Jin in Tekken or Akuma in street fighter or evil Ryu lol

  • EnergyAddict

    Angels aren't allowed to fight. I think that Paragus will get to know that Frieza destroyed planet Vegeta, that's why Broly is attacking Frieza in the first trailer. But later on in the movie, Paragus gets to know that Beerus is the one responsible for planet Vegeta's destruction. Paragus will order Broly to attack Beerus, and I think Beerus is gonna have a hard time on Broly. That is probably why Whis is there to protect Beerus. We all know Whis will 1 hit Broly easily, but Beerus can't. I totally see Whis just standing there to make sure Beerus doesn't get his ass beat by Broly

  • FrostyBiggens

    Whis could possibly just be holding off Broly long enough for Goku and Vegeta to do the fusion dance

  • DDdastard06

    It could just be the same location at an earlier point in time.

  • Arsynic

    Whis i bet is stalling so Goku and Vegeta can do the fusion dance.

  • Aroject

    So here is what I'm thinking - Whis is going to have to step in and fight (or at the very least break things up and stop a fight) but its not going to be with Broly. No, our good pal Whis is going to be jumping in to stop our Saiyan protagonists and end their fight. But it's not the fight with Broly that he is stopping. Nope, it's to keep Goku and Vegita (or a fusion or just Vegeta) from fighting / killing Beerus. Think about it, this movie heavily involves the destruction of planet Vegita... Remember who is responsible for the destruction of the Saiyan home? Beerus. Sure Freeza blew it up, but as we have heard several times in Super - Beerus told him to do it. Beerus has gone out of his way to keep this from the Saiyans and if ever there was going to be a near perfect dramatic moment, that makes narrative sense, this would be it. Keeping in mind that the Saiyans would have likely just finished an incredibly tough fight that likely resulted in the death of the only other known living Saiyans, emotions will likely be high. I can easily see Vegita losing it and going after Beerus intending to kill, or Vegito/Gogeta if they fuse. Hell, maybe they actually do kill him and Whis has to turn back time to stop it. We don't know what could happen if an actual god of destruction dies, it could maybe destroy the universe for all we know. Regardless, it cant lead to anything good. I'm sure things won't play out exactly like this, they may not even happen at all, but I just really don't think Whis will fight Broly at all. There are too many issues with it, and it wouldn't make sense from a storytelling/narrative perspective. The plot point of Beerus's order needs to be addressed at some point and it would be pretty hard to come up with a setup that's better than this, so to me it just makes sense to do it now. Even if the Saiyans don't kill Beerus, them fighting seriously would do likely major damage to the fabric of the universe and need to be stopped, and Whis is just about the only one that could stop them. Also, it does leave the story of Dragon Ball in a very interesting place to move forward from if the movie ends with serious bad blood between everyone. Regardless of whether or not my theory plays out in any capacity I'm sure that this movie is going to be brutal and fantastic and I can't wait to see it on the biggest damn screen I can find.

  • Cabbarot

    Whis confronting Frieza in some way? Because Whis isn't fighting Broly. That No.

  • King Draper
    King Draper

    Whis (or any angels) should never fight. Dragon Ball fans can be very shallow so the minute an angel remotely goes "all out", the fandom will be in an uproar. "How did this guy get so damn strong", "this makes 0 sense..." We know how we can be 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot

    Whis would murder him. Brolytards need to tone down their obsession with him being the strongest, especially in his debut.

  • M & L
    M & L

    I think whis is just there to give Goku & vegeta some tips just like in super or just watch the fight

  • Our Pranks
    Our Pranks

    Whis would beat the shit out of Broly

  • Zachary Goodson
    Zachary Goodson

    Come on now mj "dawg, scrap" please don't try to sound hood while talking About dragonball

  • Hector Williams
    Hector Williams

    Has anyone touched on the importance of the 'Halo ' in Dbsuper

  • unitor699

    lol whis has never powered up he tapped beerus once and put him to sleep

  • Mugg Uggly
    Mugg Uggly

    Whis is gonna recruit Broly to be God of Destruction

  • I Regret This Name
    I Regret This Name

    the fight is probably to give goku and piccolothe time to teach vegeta the thing.

  • 713cooldude

    At this point I don't care much about Goku's or Any other z fighters power..!! What I really want to know the is power of Gods and angels. It was mentioned a lot of times that angels are really Powerful but was never fully show in the animé..!! For me ,the only way I'd be really excited is when or if we see a serious fight of an angel.. & Also I also wanna know more about grand priest,who in my opinion is the most mysterious character in Dragon Ball