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Video: WHO IS The NEW Villain AFTER Dragon Ball Super Broly?

VIDEO: WHO IS The NEW Villain AFTER Dragon Ball Super Broly?
12/05/2018 16:37 2.1K 72 61.8K

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Comments (927)
  • Mark 3
    Mark 3

    Whatever happened to funky Grand Kai?

  • The Shining PhantomSerperior
    The Shining PhantomSerperior

    What if this guy is a part of the reverse of the angels. So like the opposite of angels. There could be like a rouge thing going on with previous gods of destruction that either got too powerful or insane and these guys were their “angels” (maybe a different generation). So these gods of destruction were sealed up and all but this “angel” escaped and that’s where the story starts off.

  • Cody Hammonds
    Cody Hammonds

    Buu may have to die for them to defeat him and he'll be brought back for sacrificing himself

  • Hornet missing
    Hornet missing

    I feel like this guy had a F up plan or idea back when he was young but got stop by the galactic patrol and now he probably about to finish what he started.

  • Doctor Odin
    Doctor Odin

    What if the goat man is actually beerus's predecessor. And the reason why he was held by the patrolman is he went rogue and the daikaioh was the one that defeated him. After all we don't know if the God's technically have to die in order to have a successor.

  • A F
    A F

    maybe he was god of destruction before beerus.

  • A F
    A F

    buu had just doesn't work on goku. toxic doesn't work either lol

  • Isaac Bridges
    Isaac Bridges

    He could be a demon. In the manga, I think Belmod mentioned that Jiren's master could not be resurrected if killed by a demon. Of course I am not saying this guy is the same one because this guy is from a different universe, but this guy could be connected to demons. It would explain why he is a goat, hence the symbolism.


    He is Jiren's first teacher

  • bsems

    When a kaio shin dies the god of destruction dies as well , not gets nerfed . And the Angle does not loose their power but is out of commission .

  • tmill1991

    Looks like a god of destruction gone rogue!

  • Tyrell Tealer
    Tyrell Tealer

    Vegeta will let the villain out to prove how strong he is

  • eliteforce211

    It would be dope if he has a key to release a stronger majin buu if there is a deeper back story to buu like multiple differences stronger then kid buu it would be pretty cool

  • Steve

    I would like them to tie this back to Buu Saga, Why as Bibidi using Buu to kill Kai's? well maybe it was an attempt to free this guy? or avenge him, he could be a Demon ? or a Demon Thrall ? bent on eliminating the Divine Hierarchy and unleashing the Demon Realm.

  • Walter Thompson
    Walter Thompson

    I honestly don't see him being stronger than broly or Jiren if he was captured by the galactic patrol or if they are actively pursuing him and he is potentially on the run. I think he just maybe a highly intelligent or knowledgeable foe who has powers or skills that can make power levels irrelevant. Like magic which has already been previously covered.

  • Perfect Cell 97
    Perfect Cell 97

    I believe they need the grand supreme Kai's help, because he was the one that sealed the guy away the first time, and they need him to do it again.

  • Coltman9500

    I'm gonna guess Goatman was a previous God of Destruction that did something illegal and was stripped away from his title. It is possible his link for existence is indeed the Kai that Buu absorbed or the link is no longer relevant since he ins't the current God of Destruction anymore. Either way it would be cool to have a villain thats on the same or higher level of strength than Beerus.

  • TheMalibuLizard

    My current theory based on just that image and where we are in the story; A former God of Destruction who had his power taken from him. His crime was connected to the creation of Majin Buu and Buu's subsequent rampages- Maybe even ones that predated the rampage 5 million years ago or maybe that rampage exactly- doesn't really change things too much either way. It's possible he created Buu as a being to carry out his task of being a God of destruction because for some reason he couldn't. Perhaps like Toppo, he believed in helping, guiding and protecting those weaker and less powerful then himself- something vastly different to Beerus who destroys entire planets and races on a whim without a second thought. Buu was meant to be impartial- so that it could destroy without the same set backs of having a conscious he had. Using his God powers (which as we know aren't Ki based but are based on something else that perhaps people would have called 'Magic' at the time) he created this new destroyer servant- only Buu was imperfect and became wild and out of control. He couldn't stop Buu himself for 'reasons' (Perhaps because Buu was created by his godly power, he was immune to the Hakai and could only be beaten in combat normally- which in itself is an extremely difficult task). Eventually he stopped Buu but could not destroy him because he blamed himself for Buu's nature and didn't want to kill this creature he created. Instead he sealed Buu away in the hopes that maybe one day he would be able to reconstruct Buu into a being that could live a normal life rather then a force of destruction. After the Buu mess, rather then being blinked from existence he was instead imprisoned for millions of years to 'atone' for his sins. He was given this privilege due to his former status of being a God and the fact it was Buu who carried out the destruction not him. Perhaps being the highest being in a universe also gave him access to mercy. Powerless and immortal, he was left imprisoned, where he had plenty of time to slowly become jaded and lose his way. Enough time to figure out a way to regain his power through an ancient forgotten means. The galactic patrol were created originally just to keep this guy in check and to patrol the universe to prevent another Buu like destructive force from 'suddenly' appearing from an unknown origin and wreaking havok. Originally these guys were more like the pride troopers in terms of usefulness and power and didn't number very greatly and weren't known but over millions of years they slowly became what we now know today to be the galactic patrol, forgetting their origin and purpose. After escaping he seeks out a method to regain all his former power prior to gaining (and losing) his God power (which would still be pretty strong since it was enough to make him chosen to be a God). With his former counterpart stuck in a state of eternal limbo inside Buu, no one knows his intention or how to stop him- which is why we need the Kai that was originally linked to him to help stop him. He was the God of destruction before Beerus and there was a large gap in time before a new candidate able to become a God would be found. (Explaining Beerus' seeming lack of knowledge of Buu and the reason he didn't do shit to help the Kais during the original Buu rampage- because Beerus wasn't the God at that time- no one was, and the former God was powerless and imprisoned). When the former God restores his power, a loophole comes into play wherein Beerus loses his God ki as there cannot be two Gods. It may even be possible that this guy secretely guided the evil wizard bibidi or babidi (I forget which is which) to unleash Buu 5 million years ago knowing the Kai's would be absorbed without another being as strong as him to stop Buu, leading to their immortalisation inside Buu, and a universe where no other Gods existed besides himself (when he gets his power) somewhat similar to Zamasu's vision. This gives Buu more solid history and makes him fit into the plot aswell as open up a chance to give the fans some Buu action and a new powerful villain that cannot be stopped by Beerus. It also explains the catalyst to all the major events of the past, Buu's origin and revival as a character (At last) and provides Goku and Vegeta (And Buu) with a villain stronger then Broly- in our own universe... Only this time we can explain why his presence was never mentioned unlike Broly... who should have been on someones radar- especially when the tournement of power came to be. It also explains why the other universes never had a majin buu being of their own. Thats my theory/ hope. Honestly I just want some Buu fighting!