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Video: WHO IS The NEW Villain AFTER Dragon Ball Super Broly?

VIDEO: WHO IS The NEW Villain AFTER Dragon Ball Super Broly?
12/05/2018 16:37 2.2K 76 68.2K

TRY VRV FOR 30 DAYS FREE: | Who is the NEW Dragon Ball Super Villain from the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc? Who is the Galactic Patrol Prisoner? How powerful is he? We discuss various ideas for his secret origin. Check out R2R:



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Comments (838)
  • ThebigNin

    He cold be like lord slug just old and his power extra weak And the dragon balls won't restore him only gods can. By draining they life or something.

  • Giovone Mendoza
    Giovone Mendoza

    I thought all the Kai's we're weak sauce (especially in the buu saga)

  • 0s0 young
    0s0 young

    He is the introduction to to what I feel is the makaioshin or demons race. It will be a different villian than what we have ever seen. Plus he is ancient enough for the history of the angels in dragon Ball. This will be interesting.

  • Terek Gaines
    Terek Gaines

    Why wouldnt they change the way buu looks? He got fat when he absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai.. Kid buu returns with a personality?

  • Michael Morton
    Michael Morton

    I've been looking at a more the new villain guy moral or whatever his name is and I think he's a fusion character

  • Michael Morton
    Michael Morton

    I'm leaving this comment right when you introduced your friend since this new villain was fighting the old Supreme Kai's or Grande guys or whatever shouldn't this be more like a problem for beerus and whis

  • Larry Copes
    Larry Copes

    when goku and vegeta formed gogeta the power unleashed bought the former god of destructions memories back.

  • Brandin Owens
    Brandin Owens

    You could do the zodiacs and he's a Capricorn then you have 12 villains

  • shaunthegoat

    I think this guy is Bibbidi's teacher and I'm getting a Dr Juro vibe maybe he knows the true secret to buu or he knows that buu is like the brother or somthing to an even More powerful demon or hell he knows buu's history Edit: also the key has to be 17's wish he wished for all the universes to be back as they use to be maybe with that wish he unleashed some bad stuff

  • The Shining PhantomSerperior
    The Shining PhantomSerperior

    What if this guy is a part of the reverse of the angels. So like the opposite of angels. There could be like a rouge thing going on with previous gods of destruction that either got too powerful or insane and these guys were their “angels” (maybe a different generation). So these gods of destruction were sealed up and all but this “angel” escaped and that’s where the story starts off.

  • Cody Hammonds
    Cody Hammonds

    Buu may have to die for them to defeat him and he'll be brought back for sacrificing himself

  • Hornet missing
    Hornet missing

    I feel like this guy had a F up plan or idea back when he was young but got stop by the galactic patrol and now he probably about to finish what he started.