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Video: Why Goku and Vegeta DID NOT Fuse to beat Kid Buu

VIDEO: Why Goku and Vegeta DID NOT Fuse to beat Kid Buu
03/11/2019 05:39 3K 78 70.8K

TRY VRV FREE: | Why did we never see Vegito vs Kid Buu or Gogeta vs Kid Buu? Why did Goku and Vegeta NOT fuse against Kid Buu? WHAT IF Gogeta vs Kid Buu happened? We discuss the REASONS behind Goku and Vegeta wanting Kid Buu to themselves.



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Comments (881)
  • Bartek

    05:10-05:12 Or Mystic Gohan or SSJ3 Gotenks

  • Bartek

    00:06-00:07 Sorry bro, but Gogeta's stronger

  • Kairo Makonnen
    Kairo Makonnen

    Dude u just said Veget destroyed the could they make Vegito again? They could do Gogeta

  • Alexis Carvalho
    Alexis Carvalho

    you're just overcomplicating lol It's just anti climax to make the fusion again and beat him easily. As a writer you should build up and put the protagonists in the most difficult situation possible to come out on top by the end of it

  • The John Miller
    The John Miller

    ...or Goku and Vegeta didn't have 30 minutes to mess up a fusion.

  • Miguel Velasco
    Miguel Velasco

    Geekdom101 do you think that ultimate/mystic gohan could have beatten kid buu?

  • cloak and dagger
    cloak and dagger

    They didn't fuse because Vegeta gets off by getting his ass beat

  • Fireball

    Goku also thought he could beat pure buu with ssj3 but he didn't expect the transformation to drain him so fast and also didn't expect buu to be so difficult to kill which made the stamina issue even more pressing. Seeing as there was no other way out, he opted for the genki dama. While bringing gohan in sounds viable, while he was clearly much stronger than kid buu, there was no guarantee that he'd be able to completely destroy buu so he wouldn't regenerate. If kid buu absorbed gohan again then there would also be no way besides vegetto, which they wanted to avoid if possible. If they lost there, gohan would at least still be there on earth to defend it.

  • Daniel Bernardo
    Daniel Bernardo

    What if Kid Buu revived in Super. Do you think they can defeat Kid Buu now that they have God ki? Because I dont think we see Kid Buu at his full power back in Z. He was literally just toying them and he was able to push back that Universal Genki Dama (even though he is pure evil).

  • BLT

    They could have also brought Gohan. He was dead sure but the whole fight took place in other world so couldn't Kabito-Kai just teleport to King Yama's palace, pick up Gohan as a spirit with a body, and teleport him back to Kid buu? I know there is some odd arguments for Kid Buu being stronger than the other Buus but that doesn't make sense because Gohan is stronger than SS3 Gotenks, who is stronger than SS3 Goku, who is similar in strength to Kid Buu.

  • Betaraybill 118
    Betaraybill 118

    I used to wonder why they didn't just go get Gohan after reviving the Earth. But I like to think maybe Goku knew he'd would screw around and get absorbed again. He kinda has a history of fucking up. Not entirely serious, but it's my head canon.

  • rezok gamer
    rezok gamer

    That is called script power 😂😂😂😂as always in all areas

  • Josh Sanchez
    Josh Sanchez

    is it me or why did he have to explain some thing so simple two words Geekdom SAIYAN PRIDE!

  • Herman Reyna
    Herman Reyna

    Hmm. Well Goku didn’t fight at full power because he wanted Vegeta to fight him too. Goku did say he could have beaten him if he went all out.

  • Mikey Kliss
    Mikey Kliss

    My question is if its honorable to fight pure buu one on one. Y fuse against Broly when earth wasnt even in danger. I guess u could say they've learned from the past fights

  • varun bhaskar
    varun bhaskar

    The other two things most idiotic in the series are, Buu not using instant transmission to escape spirit bomb and Goku not teaching it to any of his friends.

  • Mosola Comics
    Mosola Comics

    You know you wrote a bad story when other people needs to explain it

  • TheProPlayz

    you just said vegeta broke one of the patara earrings wtf