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Video: Why Goku and Vegeta DID NOT Fuse to beat Kid Buu

VIDEO: Why Goku and Vegeta DID NOT Fuse to beat Kid Buu
03/11/2019 05:39 3.2K 89 76.5K

TRY VRV FREE: | Why did we never see Vegito vs Kid Buu or Gogeta vs Kid Buu? Why did Goku and Vegeta NOT fuse against Kid Buu? WHAT IF Gogeta vs Kid Buu happened? We discuss the REASONS behind Goku and Vegeta wanting Kid Buu to themselves.



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Comments (799)
  • Swag Klown
    Swag Klown

    Kid Buu still would’ve been so much more stronger than them combined; even if Goku and Vegeta fused into Vegito.

  • Jay Bojorquez
    Jay Bojorquez

    Goku said he could've with one all out blast at SS3 I trust him to tell the truth

  • Miscellaneous

    Imagine Gohan ending the series though that would have left Goku training extra hard to catch up with his son. And Vegeta would have been busting pavement.

  • Tevin Shearin
    Tevin Shearin

    geekdom the only problem i have with that reason to want to fight "pure buu" one on one is that when goku was on the lookout after vegeta died...goku said they couldved used the fusion technique. so goku himself was already thinking about using fusion to beat buu with vegeta.

  • G Smith
    G Smith

    To me I felt like they picked out of hat who was going to beat kid buu. Goku said ultimate gohan was stronger than him. After they got everyone out of buuhan then gohan & gotenks could of helped out or gohan could have beaten by himself but they chose to make it the goku & vegeta show when vegeta was the weakest of the 4. Hell...was goku even stronger than ssj3 gotenks? Whole ending was what it real explanation for why they fought kid buu & not gohan or gotenks.

  • P.H.A.T Joker
    P.H.A.T Joker

    Like i said Didn't he over explain the whole situation, i got two words for your Stupid question Saiyan Pride. ERASE MY COMMENT AGAIN GEEKDUMB...

  • Cloud Prime
    Cloud Prime

    This was already explained in the episode.

  • Tyler Winningham
    Tyler Winningham

    Why don't they just fuse in every fight? Oh.... Bc there would only be 5 episodes total.

  • Ebin Cain
    Ebin Cain

    I think it's as simple as they needed tension in the arc so they didn't fuse. Pure boo was just unpredictable and heartless "evil"

  • extra tropical cyclone
    extra tropical cyclone

    Fusions ruined dbz if there was no fusion there would be no need to ask this question.

  • TrashCanDatNoOb Wut
    TrashCanDatNoOb Wut

    Kid Buu could of used instant transmission to avoid being vapourised by the spirit bomb. Fat Buu reached base god essence Goku by training for five minutes with Hercule: no other Buu managed such a feat despite it being made clear that it is a biological advantage; one that compensates for Buu's overall lack of intelligence. Conclusion: I love Dragon Ball, but its lack of consistency insults my intelligence.

  • Majinzombie

    Buuhan is strongest form if you think kidbuu is the strongest you don’t know dragon ball


    Stupid. In dbz...why everything?? Why didn't they wish for the earth people be on new namek until they finished fighting buu? Why didnt they hurt each other and let dende heal them to give them zenkai boost? If goku doesn't have to be dead to go to king Kais planet why didnt he take everyone there to train more? Or to hide from the androids? Or from cell? Or to dende to get healed? Why didnt he teach the fusion to gohan and vegeta too? Why didnt Kami make a kami junior? Why didnt kami wish to stay younger? Why has no one else used old kai to release their potential( i.e. dense, vegeta, krillin, 18, future trunks) why didnt they wish trunks unlimited fuel for his time machine? Or a bigger time machine for them to fit too. Why didnt he take the dragonballs or a namekian to the future make a wish? Why didnt he use the dragonballs in the past to wish everyone back in the future? Why doesnt everyone wish for more power or to be saiyans? Especially Yamcha...

  • Elaie Wolfson
    Elaie Wolfson

    0:03 Actually Goku surpassed him in the Kid Buu fight

  • Herman Johnson
    Herman Johnson

    It's because a fight with Vegito would have been anti-climactic. And Goku and Vegeta *hate* fusing ! It was their saiyan pride ! The series implies this and it's stated at one point.

  • IEMMEDIAGROUP Service Center
    IEMMEDIAGROUP Service Center

    Now i'm just talking about the series, but I think Vegeta didnt want to because of the "silly poses" and he "had more pride than that" to do so, just like he had sais in The Broly Movie.

  • Spectter Games
    Spectter Games

    Kid Boo > Buuhan Let the war begin... *Change my mind*