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Video: Why is Frieza Pink in Dragon Ball Super Broly?

VIDEO: Why is Frieza Pink in Dragon Ball Super Broly?
10/10/2018 02:17 3.2K 84 71.6K

NEW Geekdom Quickie! Why is Freeza PINK in Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 2? Is Frieza Younger? Why does he have another body? I give you the answer, based on Akira Toriyama's Broly and his original story.



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Comments (1,083)
  • Joshua Marshall
    Joshua Marshall

    Let's not forget it's been noted that Toriyama has a history of experiencing the ocassional memory farts.

  • The Need 80g
    The Need 80g

    Let’s be honest Toriyama just doesn’t want to draw the white armor and extra black lines.

  • OJ Basil
    OJ Basil

    Beleive im only got the notification for this 2 mins ago 🤬

  • Meme God Goku
    Meme God Goku

    Yeah this is what I was thinking because I've seen people say that frieza's appearance in the new trailer was a retcon but I said, well we basically never seen frieza and what he looks like UNTIL dbz or the manga so I said this is probobly what he looked like wait for it, 20 ish years ago when planet vegeta was destroyed. It was basic commen sence to my understanding

  • SSJB

    Finally know I'm not a noob. I thought it was just a form I never saw, because I haven't seen that much of frieza in his first form(s)

  • pink doe
    pink doe

    This is a reupload right? Lol!!

  • GSPOT Cyplick
    GSPOT Cyplick

    and all this time I thought the white exposed chest was clever foreshadowing to the appearance of his true form, oh well frieza is still cool in my book

  • Magnus K Larsson
    Magnus K Larsson

    I love Freeza's new look, love it!!! :) Freeza keeps improving. :)

  • Kirwin Lonwijk
    Kirwin Lonwijk

    Who cares about the color? In JoJo they change color every scene almost

  • Solrac

    Is his final form going to be pink

  • Adicted2Mc

    I only now just realized that Frieza doesn’t have his armor in the trailer.

  • Brian Kennedy
    Brian Kennedy

    I've come to the conclusion that nothing except for DB and DBZ is canon. There are just WAY too many inconsistencies. Dragonball Super has already had flashbacks to the Frieza saga that shows his original first form design. They are just changing things because they want to. There are even depictions of Goku in his capsule as a baby in the original DB. I dont care if Toei says this movie is canon. Its obviously not. They're just saying that to market the movie. Everything after DBZ is not canon. Super is still fun to watch though and I'm sure I will enjoy the new movie a lot.

  • Superhero

    Toriyama just changing the whole dragon ball

  • king potato
    king potato

    The real question is where are frieza's shoulder pad thingies