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Video: YBN Cordae's 2019 XXL Freshman Freestyle

07/10/2019 00:47 85K 3K 1.7M

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YBN Cordae recalls his humble beginnings in his 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle.

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Video directed by @travissatten

#YBNCordae #Freestyle #XXLFreshman #YBNCordaeFreestyle #HipHop #Rap

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Comments (6,995)
  • XXL

    Did YBN Cordae kill his 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle?

  • ItssElite

    Best so far 1.ybn cordae 2.Megan thee stallion 3.Dababy

  • Towerring77

    YBN CORDAE: This ain’t the end of it ends

  • Jameson Smith
    Jameson Smith

    This is what all freshman freestyles should be like, lyrical and impressive 👏🏼

  • Big_Fxlla_ YT
    Big_Fxlla_ YT

    I swear, Cordae is the most underrated rapper. No CAP, but best in YBN

  • J. L
    J. L

    No one: Nobody at all: Imdontai: That’s correct my brotha

  • Nickkひ

    I remember when I use to see him work at old navy at saint charles mall in Maryland, now he is on XXL

  • mickle pickle
    mickle pickle

    used to think cordae was like every other rapper in the game , but he's different 🦋

  • Jean Johnson
    Jean Johnson

    No body: Ybn cordae:wooo uh huh i respect women when we on a date.

  • lil bryce
    lil bryce

    yk osiris gonna get clowned when he start singing on his freestyle edit: bro i predicted the future, this man really started singing a love song in that shit

  • Lyrical Rapper
    Lyrical Rapper

    “This ain’t the end of it” -YBN Cordae 2019🔥🔥

  • Gusenberg

    Let's all prepare for YK Osiris's funeral...

  • Maaruf Hossain
    Maaruf Hossain

    YBN Cordae: this is not the end of this Xxl: UNO REVERSE CARD

  • Jesus Santana
    Jesus Santana

    “Feeling caged like Nicholas” Dontai: THATS A CAPTION!

  • Kenneth Graham
    Kenneth Graham

    No lie, I really like this guy's vibe. I fux with his energy man.