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Video: ZAMASU ATTACKS UNIVERSE 6! Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 Thoughts

VIDEO: ZAMASU ATTACKS UNIVERSE 6! Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 Thoughts
01/10/2019 12:11 2.1K 105 73.1K

Geekdom101 Store: | My Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 Review is here and we have the UNIVERSAL CONFLICT ARC as Merged Zamasu INVADES Universe 6 and fights Kale, Caulifla, Cabba, and Hit. We see Hit vs Oren and Caulifla & Kale vs Kamin and more. Super Dragon Ball Heroes PROMO Anime Episode 7!



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Comments (839)
  • Fredy Flores
    Fredy Flores

    Hasnt any one notice how the two brother and sister look like baby from dragon ball gt

  • Joshiesgotagun

    Cool ideas are being wasted on Heroes. Which has me worried that if they do it in Heroes then they won't do it in Super.

  • Bateen Uchiha
    Bateen Uchiha

    DbHeros says that M.U.I Goku is far stronger than Vegeto Blue, do u think that this is really true?

  • Vinnie Wilson
    Vinnie Wilson

    Android 17s wish to restore every universe that was erased by Zen-Oh which included the future one and boom future time line is back it isn't hard to understand how Zamatsu survived

  • CummingNico

    throwing shit at the wall is the whole point of heroes, dude. it's pure fanservice.

  • Smiley Face
    Smiley Face

    Time skip is officially useless now. Like if u agree

  • Chris Seljestad-Furúkawá
    Chris Seljestad-Furúkawá

    I think that it'd be pretty awesome if maybe they would take some of these ideas/characters and bring it into Xenoverse 3.. The Time-Breakers would fit so well in that storyline. ^__^

  • DBLegendsMan

    Zamasu didn't survive. He was ressurected from Fu's Seal that MUI Kamehameha cracked. Fu says it's a seal it refers to it and when the seal cracks, they come out. It was Fu's plan to start.

  • A C
    A C

    Hit looked so weak

  • Trainer Shade
    Trainer Shade

    Some of my biggest gripes with the promotional anime are: 1. The animation is super slowed down at times, making many scenes look very unsatisfying, with a really good example being the clash between the Final Kamehameha and whatever Cunber's attack is called. 2. They cut out certain things a bit too much from episode to episode, making the transitions feel really disjointed. "Oh hey Xeno Goku is with the rest of the cast. Oh... guess he left off screen?" "Oh hey, Cunber has something to say about the fact Goku went God... or not?" 3. The way certain characters are treated and represented, namely Vegeta and Cabba, who were relegated to the "sit and watch as the others fight, position", even when a good opportunity to engage presented itself. Honestly when I saw Caulifla and Kale get into that clash with that one Baby character, I was expecting Cabba to take some shots. 4. The "Z movie and GT" bullshit that happens WAY too frequently. AKA when a character goes into a fight and gets their ass kicked, just to lose or use the abilities/transformations they should have used in the first place. This is most notable when Cunber first shows up to fight and with Hit. Like, what the hell did Trunks expect would happen when he rushed Cunber as a Super Saiyan? Why the hell are Goku and Vegeta fusing when they seemed completely comfortable with fighting Cunber as a Super Saiyan 2 and in base respectively?

  • Trainer Shade
    Trainer Shade

    Oh also I find it funny, but this is the first time we've seen Hit fire a Ki blast in an anime format. Otherwise he's only done so in games.

  • Red Umbreon
    Red Umbreon

    One thing that got me interested in the new story ark was when they said “wait for the Omni king to be defeated” isn’t Zeno undefeatable. A theory is they abused the power of the time ring and the super dragonballs to create a truly invincible warrior to fight Zeno.

  • simon lau
    simon lau

    I don't think they truly Nerf Hit, Hit is still trying to figure these guys out, it is Hit's style. Also, in the Intro Theme song, there is a shot where Hit is smiling, hinting that he is about to unleash his full power to fight an opponent. I don't think Hit is getting a Piccolo treatment here. This is how Hit fight, he doesn't overpower people, because he CAN'T, Hit is not that Strong, he said it himself in the Tournament, "I have to admit, without my Time Skip, I won't last long (against Goku SSJ Blue). and I can't transform like Frost or a Saiyan, I have to train the old fashion way" Even Base Form Goku was able to land Punches on Hit. In the Manga, Hit was even weaker. I remember Hit was having a really tough time fighting Dispo at first because Dispo figured out Time Skip, and Dispo is a lot faster than Hit. later on hit figure out how Dispo fight and mop the floor with Dispo. Same with Goku in the tournament, it took a while for Hit to adapt to fighting Goku'. When Hit fought Jiren, Hit took punches just trying to learn how Jiren fight before he try to land his Time Cage Punch. Hit adapts to his Opponents' fighting style, improve his techniques to beat his opponents with tricks he hides under his drench coat.

  • andres ledezma
    andres ledezma

    Why is Zamasu working with ningens, I thought he hated all of them

  • Chad's World
    Chad's World

    It made sense that he was owned by Jiren, since Jiren was Hakaioshin+ level, but these guys should be under him. So yeah, Hit should have done a lot better against him.

  • Chad's World
    Chad's World

    Where can you read the dragon ball heroes manga?

  • gbdeck200

    Biggest issue is the choreography, like I don't care how little their budget is they can make good fights but they just put so much effort hence the constant ki blasts Can't say hit is nerfed just underused, no time lag/prison, phasing or phase punch, his progress should allow these to eventually work A good writer could but heroes cares so little, now I should say I liked this episode as a whole, some teamwork is done with the saiyan duo and isn't an absolute mess but it could be better with better combat moments and allowing hit to hit them I hope Hit eventually does connect with an attack, a strong enemy isn't strong because they evade an attack or just repel it, it's when they take it and what they do after that defines them

  • Spider-Beyond

    What the hell are they doing with Hit? This Isn't TOP rules,why Isn't he trying to kill those two Tuffles Wtf?